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WWW Chart of the Nuclides 2010 is divided into 44 parts.
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WWW Chart of the Nuclides here is based on the compilation of experimental data until 2008 by H. Koura (JAEA), T. Tachibana (Waseda University), and J. Katakura (JAEA), beta-decay half-lives estimated, by T. Tachibana, with the Gross Theory [T. Tachibana, M. Yamada, Proc. Int. Conf. on exotic nuclei and atomic masses, Arles, 1995, p.763], and alpha-decay half-lives based on the reference of V.E. Vola, Jr. and G.T. Seaborg, J. Inorg. Nucl. Chems., 28, 741 (1966) and newly adjusted parameter values.

A printed version of Chart of the Nuclides 2010, compiled by T. Tachibana, H. Koura and J. Katakura, JNDC and Nuclear Data Center, JAEA (2010), is available now.

In this WWW Chart of the Nuclides, a decay mode of ground state is indicated with decay mode pattern. A half-life of each nuclide is shown with color codes and numerical values. For the nuclides which have an isomer with a half-life longer than its ground state, the half-life of the isomer is shown in the chart. In such cases, a small rectangule is displayed at the right top corner. The color of the small rectangule is corresponding to the half-life of the ground state.

By clicking a box of each nuclide, information on the nuclide is shown, which contains spin and half-life, mass, strong gamma-rays from nuclear decay, decay data, and links to figures and tables of cross-section data stored in Japanese evaluated nuclear data library JENDL-4.0.

When a box of atomic numbers located at the left side is clicked, an isotope list of corresponding element is displayed.

WWW Chart of the Nuclides 2010 was created by using gd2.0.35 which was originally developed by Thomas Boutell and is now maintained by Pierre-A. Joye under the umbrella of

The Nuclide Map page placed various type of figures was created for reference.
In this page, figures were generated as nuclides matched the selected condition.
Nuclide Map

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