Proceedings of the International Conference on
Nuclear Data for Science and Technology

October 7-12, 2001, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

Published as Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology,
Supplement 2, August 2002


Foreword & Sponsors and Staffs


Keynote Talks

(pp. 1-3)
Nuclear Data and Human Society [Abstract]
T. Fuketa

(pp. 4-12)
Future Nuclear Power Systems and Nuclear Data Needs [Abstract]
M. Salvatores

(pp. 13-18)
Nuclear Data Relevant to Accelerator Driven System [Abstract]
Y. Ikeda

(pp. 19-24)
Nuclear Data Relevant for Astrophysics [Abstract]
M.S. Smith

Nuclear Reaction Data and Evaluated Data Libraries: Libraries

(pp. 25-30)
JENDL High Energy File [Abstract]
T. Fukahori, Y. Watanabe, N. Yoshizawa, F. Maekawa, S. Meigo, C. Konno, N. Yamano, A.Yu. Konobeyev, S. Chiba

(pp. 31-36)
Photonuclear Data [Abstract]
P. Obložinský

(pp. 37-39)
CENDL-3 - Chinese Evaluated Nuclear Data Library, Version 3 [Abstract]
Zhuang Youxiang, Liu Tingjin, Zhang Jingshang, Liu Ping

(pp. 40-43)
JENDL-3.2 Covariance File [Abstract]
K. Shibata, A. Hasegawa, O. Iwamoto, S. Chiba, M. Sugimoto, N. Odano, T. Kawano, Y. Nakajima, T. Murata, H. Matsunobu, S.-Y. Oh, K. Yokoyama, K. Sugino, M. Ishikawa, K. Kosako, N. Yamano, Y. Kanda

(pp. 44-46)
Library of Prompt Neutron and γ-Emission Spectra From Fission Fragments [Abstract]
O.T. Grudzevich, S.V. Vedernikov, V.G. Vinogradova

(pp. 47-50)
TENDL - Library of Evaluated Neutron Data for Transmutation Problem Solving [Abstract]
S.N. Abramovich, V.P. Gorelov, A.A. Gorshikhin, A.N. Grebennikov, V.I. Il'in, N.A. Krut'ko, G.G. Farafontov, E.F. Fomushkin

(pp. 51-53)
FOND-2.2 - Evaluated Nuclear Data Library for Constants Sets Generation at ABBN Constants Providing System [Abstract]
V.N. Koscheev, M.N. Nikolaev, A.M. Tsiboulia

(pp. 54-55)
Status of the JEFF-3 Project [Abstract]
R. Jacqmin, R.A. Forrest, J. Rowlands, A. Nouri, M. Kellett

(pp. 56-59)
Present Status of JENDL Photonuclear Data File [Abstract]
N. Kishida, T. Murata, T. Asami, K. Maki, T. Fukahori

(pp. 60-63)
High Energy Nuclear Data Evaluations for Neutron-, Proton-, and Photon-induced Reaction Data at KAERI [Abstract]
Y.-O. Lee, J. Chang, D. Kim, J.-Y. Lee, Han Yinlu, E.Sh. Soukhovitskiĩ

(pp. 64-67)
Horizontal Compilations of Nuclear Data [Abstract]
Z. Soroko, S. Sukhoruchkin, D. Sukhoruchkin

(pp. 68-71)
Data Library IEAF-2001 to Study of Activation of Irradiated Materials [Abstract]
Yu.A. Korovin, A.Yu. Konobeyev, P.E. Pereslavtsev, A.Yu. Stankovsky, U. Fischer, U. von Möllendorff

Nuclear Reaction Data and Evaluated Data Libraries: Evaluation

(pp. 72-75)
Nuclear Data Activities in Korea [Abstract]
J. Chang, Y.-O. Lee

(pp. 76-79)
Evaluation of The (α,n) Reaction Nuclear Data for Light Nuclei [Abstract]
T. Murata, K. Shibata

(pp. 80-83)
Actinide Neutron-Induced Fission up to 200 MeV [Abstract]
V. Maslov, Yu. Porodzinskij, M. Baba, A. Hasegawa

(pp. 84-87)
Average Total Neutron Cross Section of 233U, 235U and 239Pu from ORELA Transmission Measurements and Statistical Model Analysis of the Data [Abstract]
H. Derrien, K.H. Guber, J.A. Harvey, N.M. Larson, L.C. Leal

(pp. 88-91)
R-Matrix Evaluation of 16O Neutron Cross Sections up to 6.3 MeV [Abstract]
R.O. Sayer, L.C. Leal, N.M. Larson, R.R. Spencer, R.Q. Wright

(pp. 92-95)
Innovations in the Analysis Code SAMMY [Abstract]
N.M. Larson

(pp. 96-99)
Development of the European Activation System [Abstract]
R.A. Forrest, J. Kopecky, J.-Ch. Sublet

(pp. 100-103)
Analysis of Incident-Energy Dependence of Delayed Neutron Yields for 235U [Abstract]
T. Ohsawa, T. Miura

(pp. 104-107)
Theoretical Approach and Computer Code System for Nuclear Data Evaluation of 20-1000 MeV Neutron Induced Reactions on Heavy Nuclei [Abstract]
S. Yavshits, V. Ippolitov, A. Goverdovski, O.T. Grudzevich

(pp. 108-111)
New Evaluations of Heavy Nuclide Data for JENDL-3.3 [Abstract]
T. Kawano, H. Matsunobu, T. Murata, A. Zukeran, Y. Nakajima, M. Kawai, T. Yoshida, T. Ohsawa, K. Shibata, T. Nakagawa, O. Iwamoto, M. Baba, M. Ishikawa

(pp. 112-115)
Development and Validation of the 7Li(p,n) Nuclear Data Library and Its Application in Monitoring of Intermediate Energy Neutrons [Abstract]
A.V. Prokofiev, M.B. Chadwick, S.G. Mashnik, N. Olsson, L.S. Waters

(pp. 116-119)
Recent Development and Validation of the Nuclear Reaction Code EMPIRE [Abstract]
M. Herman, R. Capote-Noy, P. Obložinský, A. Trkov, V. Zerkin

(pp. 120-123)
Evaluation of Cross Sections for Neutrons and Protons up to 200 MeV on Silicon Isotopes [Abstract]
Sun Weili, Y. Watanabe, E.Sh. Soukhovitskiĩ, O. Iwamoto, S. Chiba

(pp. 124-127)
Scattering Laws and Cross Sections for Moderators and Structure Materials for Calculation of Production and Transport of Cold and Ultracold Neutrons [Abstract]
W. Bernnat, J. Keinert, M. Mattes

(pp. 128-131)
Calculation of Fission Reaction in the Framework of QMD + SDM [Abstract]
O. Iwamoto, Rong Jian, T. Fukahori, S. Chiba

(pp. 132-135)
Improved 239Pu(n,f) Evaluation below 20 MeV [Abstract]
P. Talou, P.G. Young, M.B. Chadwick

(pp. 136-139)
Evaluation of Delayed Neutron Data for JENDL-3.3 [Abstract]
T. Yoshida, S. Okajima, T. Sakurai, K. Nakajima, T. Yamane, J. Katakura, Y. Tahara, A. Zukeran, K. Oyamatsu, T. Ohsawa, T. Nakagawa, T. Tachibana

(pp. 140-143)
Evaluations of the Fast Neutron Cross Sections of 58Ni, 60Ni and 28Si Including Complete Covariance Information [Abstract]
S. Tagesen, H. Vonach, A. Wallner

(pp. 144-147)
Analyses of Nucleon Interaction with 238U up to 150 MeV Incident Energies Using Coupled-Channels Approach with a Saturated Coupling Scheme Based on Soft-Rotator Nuclear Model Hamiltonian [Abstract]
E.Sh. Soukhovitskiĩ, S. Chiba

(pp. 148-151)
Neutron Scattering on 238U and 232Th [Abstract]
V. Maslov, Yu. Porodzinskij, M. Baba, A. Hasegawa, A. Kagalenko, N. Kornilov

(pp. 152-155)
Calculations of Proton Induced Reactions on Lead in Energy Region up to 300 MeV [Abstract]
Shen QingBiao, Zhou JinFeng, Sun XiuQuan

(pp. 156-159)
A Neutron Cross Section Evaluation for 232Th in the En < 20 MeV Energy Range [Abstract]
V. Benzi, F. Fabbri, G.C. Panini, F. Rocchi, M. Sumini, M. Pescarini, V.V. Sinitsa

(pp. 160-163)
Analysis of the Nuclear Level Structure and Nucleon Interaction Data for 52Cr Based on the Soft-rotator Model [Abstract]
J.-Y. Lee, J. Chang, E.Sh. Soukhovitskiĩ

(pp. 164-167)
The n + 239Pu System - New Data Evaluation and Validation Methods [Abstract]
P. Romain, P. Dos-Santos Uzarralde, C. Le Luel, S. Hilaire, J.-P. Delaroche, J.-Ch. Sublet, E. Dupont

(pp. 168-171)
Neutron Cross-Section Evaluations of Fission Products in the Fast Energy Region [Abstract]
Y.-D. Lee, J. Chang, P. Obložinský

(pp. 172-175)
Evaluations of Neutron and Proton Cross Sections on Fe up to 3 GeV [Abstract]
N. Yoshizawa

(pp. 176-179)
The Calculation of Neutron Scattering Cross Sections for Silicon and Bismuth Crystal at Thermal Energies [Abstract]
Y.-S. Cho, J. Chang

(pp. 180-183)
Modeling of (α,n) Reactions on Light Nuclei [Abstract]
R. Babut, E. Fort, E. Dupont

(pp. 184-187)
The Neutron Total Cross Section of 129I below 1 keV [Abstract]
G. Noguere, A. Brusegan, A. Lepretre, N. Herault, R. Galleano, E. Macavero

(pp. 188-191)
Evaluation of the Nuclear Data on (α,n) Reaction for F, Na, Al, Cr, Fe, Ni, and Cu [Abstract]
H. Matsunobu, N. Yamamuro

Nuclear Reaction Data and Evaluated Data Libraries: Measurements

(pp. 192-197)
Recent Neutron Activation Cross Section Measurements [Abstract]
A.J.M. Plompen, D.L. Smith, P. Reimer, S.M. Qaim, V. Semkova, F. Cserpák, V. Avrigeanu, S. Sudár

(pp. 198-203)
Cross Section Measurements for Science and Industry at Intermediate Energies [Abstract]
N. Olsson

(pp. 204-209)
Experiments on Neutron Scattering and Fission Neutron Spectra [Abstract]
M. Baba, M. Ibaraki, T. Miura, T. Aoki, Y. Hirasawa, H. Nakashima, S. Meigo, Su. Tanaka

(pp. 210-213)
The Pa-233 Fission Cross Section [Abstract]
F. Tovesson, F.-J. Hambsch, A. Oberstedt, B. Fogelberg, E. Ramström, S. Oberstedt

(pp. 214-217)
Neutron Capture Cross Section Measurements of Tc-99 and Rh at Energies below 40 keV by Linac Time-of-Flight Method [Abstract]
K. Kobayashi, S.Y. Lee, S. Yamamoto, T. Yoshimoto, Y. Fujita, G. Kim, Y.S. Lee, J. Chang

(pp. 218-221)
Measurement of the 28Si(n,p), 29Si(n,p) and 30Si(n,α) Cross Sections between 6.9 and 14.0 MeV [Abstract]
W. Mannhart, D. Schmidt

(pp. 222-225)
The Investigation of the Resonance Self-shielding Effect in the α-Value of 235U, 239Pu over the 4.65-2150 eV Energy Range [Abstract]
Yu.V. Grigoriev, V.Ya. Kitaev, V.V. Sinitsa, H. Fajkov-Stanchik, Zh.V. Mezentseva, G.L. Ilchev

(pp. 226-229)
Precise Measurement of Neutron Scattering Cross Sections on Silicon at Energies between 8 and 14 MeV [Abstract]
D. Schmidt, W. Mannhart

(pp. 230-233)
Neutron-Induced Fission of 233U, 238U, 232Th, 239Pu, 237Np, natPb and 209Bi Relative to 235U in the Energy Range 1-200 MeV [Abstract]
O. Shcherbakov, A. Donets, A. Evdokimov, A. Fomichev, T. Fukahori, A. Hasegawa, A. Laptev, V. Maslov, G. Petrov, S. Soloviev, Yu. Tuboltsev, A. Vorobyev

(pp. 234-237)
Absolute Partial γ-ray Cross Sections in 238U(n,xnγ) Reactions [Abstract]
N. Fotiades, G.D. Johns, R.O. Nelson, M.B. Chadwick, M. Devlin, W.S. Wilburn, P.G. Young, D.E. Archer, J.A. Becker, L.A. Bernstein, C.A. McGrath, P.E. Garrett, D.P. McNabb, W. Younes

(pp. 238-241)
Proton- and Neutron-Induced Fission Cross Sections and Fission Probability in the Intermediate Energy Region [Abstract]
A.N. Smirnov, V.P. Eismont, I.V. Ryzhov, H. Condé, N. Olsson, P.-U. Renberg, A.V. Prokofiev

(pp. 242-245)
Cross Sections for the Production of Radionuclides by Proton-Induced Reactions on W, Ta, Pb and Bi from Thresholds up to 2.6 GeV [Abstract]
R. Michel, M. Gloris, J. Protoschill, U. Herpers, J. Kuhnhenn, F. Sudbrock, P. Malmborg, P. Kubik

(pp. 246-249)
Study of Proton and Deuteron Spectra from Proton Induced Reactions at Intermediate Energies [Abstract]
F. Saiho, J. Tanaka, S. Hohara, Cao Bin, S. Aoki, Y. Uozumi, G. Wakabayashi, M. Matoba, T. Maki, M. Nakano, N. Koori

(pp. 250-253)
Measurements of Prompt Neutron Multiplicity Distributions in Correlation with Mass-Energy Distribution of Fission Fragments in Spontaneous Fission of 252Cf, 244Cm and 248Cm [Abstract]
V. Kalinin, V. Dushin, F.-J. Hambsch, V. Jakovlev, I. Kraev, A. Laptev, B. Petrov, G. Petrov, Yu. Pleva, O. Shcherbakov, V. Sokolov, A. Vorobyev

(pp. 254-257)
Intermediate-Energy Neutron-Induced Fission of Uranium: Product Yields and Isomer Studies [Abstract]
T. Ethvignot, T. Granier, P. Casoli, R.O. Nelson, M. Devlin, N. Fotiades, G.D. Johns, P.E. Garrett, W. Younes, J.A. Becker, L.A. Bernstein, C.A. McGrath

(pp. 258-261)
Measurement of Thermal Neutron Capture Cross Section and Resonance Integral of 90Sr and 166mHo [Abstract]
S. Nakamura, T. Katoh, K. Furutaka, H. Wada, H. Harada, T. Baba, T. Fujii, H. Yamana

(pp. 262-265)
Light Particle Production in Spallation Reactions Induced by Protons of 0.8-2.5 GeV Incident Kinetic Energy [Abstract]
C.-M. Herbach, A. Böhm, M. Enke, D. Filges, J. Galin, F. Goldenbaum, D. Hilscher, U. Jahnke, A. Letourneau, B. Lott, R.-D. Neef, K. Nünighoff, N. Paul, A. Péghaire, L. Pienkowski, H. Schaal, W.-U. Schröder, G. Sterzenbach, V. Tishchenko, J. Tõke

(pp. 266-268)
Measurement of Mass Yield Distributions in Proton-Induced Fission of Minor Actinides [Abstract]
N. Shinohara, Y. Hatsukawa, M. Oshima, Y. Toh, J. Katakura, O. Iwamoto, K. Nishio, H. Haba, Y. Nagame, K. Tsukada, I. Nishinaka

(pp. 269-271)
Proton Reaction Cross Sections Measured in the BNL/AGS E943 Experiment [Abstract]
F.S. Dietrich, E.P. Hartouni, S.C. Johnson, G.J. Schmid, R. Soltz, W.P. Abfalterer, R.C. Haight, L.S. Waters, A.L. Hanson, R.W. Finlay, G.S. Blanpied

(pp. 272-275)
Investigation of the Formation of Residual Nuclei in Reactions Induced by 660 MeV Protons Interacting with the Radioactive 237Np, 241Am and 129I Targets [Abstract]
J. Adam, A. Balabekyan, R. Brandt, V.S. Barashenkov, V.P. Dzhelepov, V.P. Filinova, S.A. Gustov, V.G. Kalinnikov, M.I. Krivopustov, I.V. Mirokhin, J. Mrazek, R. Odoj, V.S. Pronskikh, O.V. Savchenko, A.N. Sosnin, A.A. Solnyshkin, V.I. Stegailov, V.M. Tsoupko-Sitnikov

(pp. 276-279)
Neutron-Induced Fission Cross Section Measurements between 1 eV and 250 MeV [Abstract]
C. Stephan, L. Ferrant, B. Berthier, S. David, L. Tassan-Got, C.O. Bacri, F. Rejmund, C. Moreau, n-TOF collaboration

(pp. 280-282)
Thermal Neutron Capture Cross Section of 232Pa [Abstract]
M. Andreev, S.N. Abramovich, E.F. Fomushkin, V. Kvasov, A. Portnov, A. Redkin, H. Yasuda

(pp. 283-286)
Vanadium Cross Section Measurements by the Activation Technique and Evaluations from Threshold to 20 MeV [Abstract]
A.J.M. Plompen, P. Reimer, V. Avrigeanu, S.M. Qaim

(pp. 287-290)
Measurement of Neutron Capture Cross Section of 162Dy Between 0.003 eV and 10 keV using Total Energy Absorption Detector [Abstract]
G. Kim, Y.S. Lee, I.S. Ko, M.H. Cho, W. Namkung, H.J. Cho, S.Y. Lee, K. Kobayashi, S. Yamamoto, Y. Fujita

(pp. 291-294)
Continuum Cross Sections for Proton-induced Reactions on Biologically-important Target Nuclei [Abstract]
G.F. Steyn, A.A. Cowley, Y. Watanabe, Sun Weili, S.V. Förtsch, J.J. Lawrie

(pp. 295-298)
Fragment Angular Anisotropy in the 232Th(n,f) and 238U(n,f) Reactions at Intermediate Energies [Abstract]
I.V. Ryzhov, G.A. Tutin, V.P. Eismont, M. Onegin, H. Condé, N. Olsson

(pp. 299-302)
Angular Anisotropy of Nucleon-Induced Fission of Heavy Nuclei at Intermediate Energies [Abstract]
V.P. Eismont, I.V. Ryzhov, G.A. Tutin, H. Condé, N. Olsson

(pp. 303-306)
Capture Cross Section Measurements of 161Dy and 162Dy in the Energy Region Between 10 keV and 90 keV [Abstract]
G. Kim, D.W. Lee, H.D. Kim, E. Jung, T.-I. Ro, Y. Min, M. Igashira, S. Mizuno, T. Ohsaki

(pp. 307-310)
Fission of 239Pu with resonance neutrons [Abstract]
F.-J. Hambsch, L. Demattè, H. Bax, I. Ruskov

(pp. 311-314)
Measurement of 235U, 238U, 209Bi and natPb Fission Cross Sections using Quasi-monoenergetic Neutrons with Energies from 30 MeV to 150 MeV [Abstract]
R. Nolte, M.S. Allie, P.J. Binns, F.D. Brooks, A. Buffler, V. Dangendorf, K. Langen, J.-P. Meulders, W.D. Newhauser, F. Roos, H. Schuhmacher

(pp. 315-318)
Characteristics of the Bootstrap Estimate of Discrepant Data Sets [Abstract]
O. Helene, V.R. Vanin, R.M. Castro

(pp. 319-322)
Triton Production Cross Section in Interaction of keV Deuterons with 13C Nucleus [Abstract]
M.A. Al-Ohali, A.A. Naqvi, Khateeb-ur-Rehman, M.M. Nagadi, S. Kidwai, F.Z. Khiari

(pp. 323-326)
Measurement of Cross Sections of Heavy Nuclei Fission Induced by Intermediate Energy Protons in the Energy Range 200 - 1000 MeV [Abstract]
A. Chtchetkovski, A. Goverdovski, E. Ivanov, A. Kotov, G. Ryabov, T. Fukahori, L. Vaishnene, V. Vovchenko

(pp. 327-330)
Neutron Total Cross Sections of 204Pb, 206Pb, 207Pb and 208Pb and the Neutron Electric Polarizability [Abstract]
A. Laptev, Yu. Alexandrov, I. Guseva, I. Karpihin, P. Krupchitsky, V. Nikolenko, G. Petrov, O. Shcherbakov, A. Vorobyev

(pp. 331-334)
Measurement of Neutron Production Cross Sections by High-Energy Heavy Ions [Abstract]
H. Sato, H. Iwase, T. Nakamura, T. Kurosawa, N. Nakao, Y. Uwamino, Y. Iwata, A. Fukumura, L. Heilbronn, R.M. Ronningen

(pp. 335-338)
Secondary Light Charged Particle Emission from the Interaction of 25-65 MeV Neutrons on Uranium [Abstract]
S. Benck, E. Raeymackers, I. Slypen, J.-P. Meulders, V. Corcalciuc

(pp. 339-341)
Investigation of the Threshold Anomaly in Excitation Function of 11B(t,p)13B Reaction [Abstract]
L. Generalov, A. Zvenigorodskij, S.N. Abramovich, I. Karpov, Yu. Vinogradov

(pp. 342-345)
Measurements of the 64Zn(n,α)61Ni Cross Section at En = 5.0 - 6.75 MeV [Abstract]
Yu.M. Gledenov, M. Sedysheva, P.V. Sedyshev, A. Oprea, Chen Zemin, Chen Yingtang, Yuan Jing, Zhang Guohui, Tang Guoyou, G. Khuukhenkhuu, P. Szalanski

(pp. 346-349)
Neutron Cross Sections Measurements for Light Elements at ORELA and their Application in Nuclear Criticality [Abstract]
K.H. Guber, L.C. Leal, R.O. Sayer, R.R. Spencer, P.E. Koehler, T.E. Valentine, H. Derrien, J.A. Harvey

(pp. 350-353)
The Investigation of the 232Th Neutron Cross Sections in the 10 eV - 10 keV Energy Range [Abstract]
Yu.V. Grigoriev, V.Ya. Kitaev, V.V. Sinitsa, B.V. Zhuravlev, H. Fajkov-Stanchik, Zh.V. Mezentseva, G.L. Ilchev, G.N. Kim

(pp. 354-357)
Light Charged Particle Production Induced by Fast Neutrons (En = 25-65 MeV) on 209Bi [Abstract]
E. Raeymackers, I. Slypen, S. Benck, J.-P. Meulders, N. Nica, V. Corcalciuc

(pp. 358-361)
147Sm(n,α) Cross Section Measurements from 3 eV to 500 keV: Resonance Neutrons [Abstract]
Yu.M. Gledenov, P.E. Koehler, J. Andrzejewski, Yu.P. Popov, R.Yu. Gledenov

(pp. 362-365)
Precision Measurements of Prompt Neutron Spectra in 240Pu and 242Pu Spontaneous Fission [Abstract]
B. Gerasimenko, L. Drapchinsky, O. Kostochkin, T. Kuzmina, N. Skovorodkin, V. Trenkin

(pp. 366-368)
Plan of LLFP Neutron Cross Section Measurements for Nuclear Transmutation [Abstract]
H. Harada, T. Baba, M. Igashira, H. Yamana, S. Raman

(pp. 369-372)
Production of Residual Nuclides by Proton-Induced Reactions on Target W at an Energy of 72 MeV [Abstract]
M.H. Miah, J. Kuhnhenn, U. Herpers, R. Michel, P. Kubik

(pp. 373-376)
Radionuclide Production from Lead by Neutron-Induced Reactions up to 175 MeV [Abstract]
W. Glasser, R. Michel, S. Neumann, H. Schuhmacher, V. Dangendorf, R. Nolte, U. Herpers, A.N. Smirnov, I.V. Ryzhov, A.V. Prokofiev, P. Malmborg, D. Kollár, J.-P. Meulders

(pp. 377-380)
Continuum Spectra in One-nucleon Transfer Reactions - (p,d) Reactions at Medium Energy Region - [Abstract]
Syafarudin, F. Aramaki, G. Wakabayashi, Y. Uozumi, N. Ikeda, M. Matoba, K. Yamaguchi, T. Sakae, N. Koori, T. Maki

(pp. 381-384)
Measurement of Neutron-Production Double-Differential Cross Sections for Intermediate Energy Pion Incident Reaction [Abstract]
Y. Iwamoto, N. Shigyo, D. Satoh, H. Tenzou, S. Kunieda, S. Ishimoto, K. Maehata, K. Ishibashi, T. Nakamoto, M. Numajiri, S. Meigo, H. Takada

(pp. 385-388)
Proton Production Cross Sections for Reactions Induced by 300- and 392-MeV Protons [Abstract]
Y. Uozumi, F. Saiho, T. Kin, S. Hohara, S. Aoki, Cao Bin, J. Tanaka, G. Wakabayashi, M. Matoba, M. Nakano, T. Maki, N. Koori

(pp. 389-392)
High Precision Measurements of Spectrum Averaged Total Neutron Cross Section for Chromium [Abstract]
O. Gritzay, V. Kolotyi, O. Kalchenko, P. Vorona, M. Gnidak

(pp. 393-396)
Light Charged-Particle Production in Proton-Induced Reactions on 12C, 27Al, 58Ni, 90Zr, 197Au, and 209Bi at 42 and 68 MeV [Abstract]
M. Harada, Y. Watanabe, Y. Tanaka, Y. Matsuoka, K. Shin, S. Meigo, H. Nakashima, H. Takada, T. Sasa, O. Iwamoto, T. Fukahori, S. Chiba, Su. Tanaka

(pp. 397-400)
Neutron Inelastic Scattering Cross Sections From 159Tb(n,n'γ) [Abstract]
P.-N. Seo, J.J. Egan, G.H.R. Kegel, D.J. DeSimone, Y.J. Ko, D.-S. Kim, C. Ji

(pp. 401-404)
High-Resolution Neutron-Induced γ-Ray Production Cross Sections for Oxygen and Beryllium for Neutron Energies from 4 to 200 MeV [Abstract]
R.O. Nelson, A. Michaudon, M.B. Chadwick, P.G. Young

(pp. 405-408)
Measurement of Neutron Non-elastic Cross Sections of C, Si, Fe, Zr and Pb in 40 - 80 MeV Region [Abstract]
M. Ibaraki, M. Baba, T. Miura, T. Aoki, T. Hiroishi, H. Nakashima, S. Meigo, Su. Tanaka

(pp. 409-412)
Measurements of Fast Neutron-induced Prompt Neutron Fission Spectra of 233U, 238U and 232Th [Abstract]
T. Miura, M. Baba, T. Win, M. Ibaraki, Y. Hirasawa, T. Hiroishi, T. Aoki

(pp. 413-416)
Measurements of Double Differential Cross Sections for Charged Particle Emission Reactions by 14.1MeV Incident Neutrons [Abstract]
Y. Terada, H. Takagi, Kokooo, I. Murata, A. Takahashi

(pp. 417-420)
Measurement of Neutron-Production Double-Differential Cross Sections for 0.8 and 1.5 GeV Proton Incidence in the Most-Forward Directions [Abstract]
N. Shigyo, D. Satoh, Y. Iwamoto, S. Ishimoto, Y. Kawasaki, Y. Takayama, H. Tenzou, K. Ishibashi, T. Nakamoto, M. Numajiri, S. Meigo

(pp. 421-424)
Double Differential Hydrogen and Helium Production Cross Section of Oxygen and Nitrogen for 75 MeV Neutrons [Abstract]
T. Sanami, T. Hiroishi, M. Baba, M. Hagiwara, T. Miura, T. Aoki, N. Kawata, Su. Tanaka, H. Nakashima, S. Meigo, M. Takada

(pp. 425-428)
Determination of the Cross Sections of (n,x) Nuclear Reactions on Y, La, Ta, Pb and Bi at the Energy of Neutrons About 14 MeV [Abstract]
S.V. Begun, I.M. Kadenko, V.K. Maidanyuk, V.M. Neplyuev, V.A. Plujko, G.I. Primenko, V.K. Tarakanov

(pp. 429-432)
Measurement of the 232Th Neutron Capture Cross Section in the Region 5 keV - 150 keV [Abstract]
G. Lobo, F. Corvi, P. Schillebeeckx, N. Janeva, A. Brusegan, P. Mutti

(pp. 433-436)
(n,2n) Reaction Cross Section Measurement with A Beam DT Neutron Source [Abstract]
I. Murata, T. Nishio, Y. Terada, M. Mitsuda, A. Takahashi, K. Ochiai, F. Maekawa, H. Takeuchi, T. Nishitani

(pp. 437-440)
Measurements of Secondary Gamma-Ray Production Cross Sections for natFe, 51V, natMo, natZr, natNi and 181Ta with Hp-Ge Detector Induced by DT Neutrons [Abstract]
M. Mitsuda, T. Kondo, I. Murata, A. Takahashi

(pp. 441-443)
Thermal Cross Section And Resonance Integral Measurements Of 57Co(n,γ)58Co Reaction [Abstract]
N.L. Maidana, V.R. Vanin, P.R. Pascholati, M.S. Dias, M.F. Koskinas

Nuclear Structure and Decay

(pp. 444-449)
Development of JENDL FP Decay Data File 2000 [Abstract]
J. Katakura, T. Yoshida, K. Oyamatsu, T. Tachibana, Decay Heat Evaluation Working Group

(pp. 450-454)
A Tale of Two Compilations: Quadrupole Deformations and Internal Conversion Coefficients [Abstract]
S. Raman

(pp. 455-458)
International Decay Data Evaluation Project [Abstract]
R.G. Helmer, E. Browne, M.-M. Bé

(pp. 459-462)
Measurements of KX- and γ-Rays and Decay Data Evaluation for Some Applied Radionuclides at V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute from MITO-1988 to TSUKUBA-2001 [Abstract]
V.P. Chechev

(pp. 463-466)
An Alternative Calculation Technique in the Generator-Coordinate Method (GCM) to Determine the Ground State Energies of 2H and 4He and the Electric Quadrupole Moment of 2H [Abstract]
R. Kurniadi, Marsongkohadi, Z. Su'ud, Triyanta

(pp. 467-469)
Covariances Between Gamma-Ray Energies: Updating Adopted Values [Abstract]
O. Helene, V.R. Vanin, Z.O. Guimarães-Filho

(pp. 470-473)
Measurement of Difference in Decay Rate for 7Be in Li and 7Be in Ta [Abstract]
D.J. Souza, G.H.R. Kegel, J.J. Egan, D.J. DeSimone, P.-N. Seo

(pp. 474-477)
Measurements of EC and Weak α Decays of Neutron-deficient Transuranium Isotopes [Abstract]
M. Asai, M. Sakama, K. Tsukada, S. Ichikawa, H. Haba, I. Nishinaka, Y. Nagame, S. Goto, Y. Kojima, Y. Oura, H. Nakahara, M. Shibata, K. Kawade

(pp. 478-480)
JEFF-3T: Decay Data and Fission Yield Libraries [Abstract]
O. Bersillon, J. Blachot, C.J. Dean, R.W. Mills, A.L. Nichols, A. Nouri

(pp. 481-484)
The "NUCLÉIDE" Database for Decay Data and the "International Decay Data Evaluation Project" [Abstract]
M.-M. Bé, R.G. Helmer, V. Chisté

(pp. 485-488)
The Correlations between the Emission Probabilities of the More Intense Gamma Rays in 152Gd and 152Sm Following 152Eu Decay [Abstract]
R.M. Castro, V.R. Vanin, O. Helene, P.R. Pascholati, N.L. Maidana, M.F. Koskinas, M.S. Dias

(pp. 489-492)
Decay Studies on Neutron-Rich Isotope 151Ce [Abstract]
Y. Kojima, M. Shibata, A. Taniguchi, Y. Kawase, T. Hanafusa, E. Yoshida, K. Shizuma

(pp. 493-496)
Decay Heat Measurement of Actinides at YAYOI [Abstract]
Y. Ohkawachi, A. Shono

(pp. 497-499)
Shape Coexistence of Even-Even Ge Isotopes - Complete Spectroscopy with Coulomb Excitation - [Abstract]
Y. Toh, T. Czosnyka, M. Oshima, T. Hayakawa, Y. Hatsukawa, M. Matsuda, J. Katakura, N. Shinohara, M. Sugawara, H. Kusakari

(pp. 500-503)
Parity Measurements with Completely Polarized Photon Beam [Abstract]
H. Ohgaki, H. Toyokawa

(pp. 504-507)
Tuning Effects in Nuclear Excitations and Binding Energies [Abstract]
S. Sukhoruchkin

(pp. 508-511)
Non-statistical Level Disposition Analyses in Neutron Resonances [Abstract]
M. Ohkubo

Nuclear Data relevant to Astrophysics and Frontier Nuclear Physics: Astrophysics

(pp. 512-517)
New Results on Nucleosynthesis in Massive Stars; Nuclear Data Needs for Nucleosynthesis [Abstract]
R. Hoffman, T. Rauscher, A. Heger, S. Woosley

(pp. 518-523)
Neutron Capture at keV Energies - Probing the Stellar Interior [Abstract]
F. Käppeler, C. Arlandini, M. Heil, R. Reifarth, F. Voss, K. Wisshak

(pp. 524-529)
Frontier in Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics in Japan [Abstract]
S. Kubono

(pp. 530-535)
Cosmological Nucleosynthesis in the Big-Bang and Supernovae [Abstract]
T. Kajino

(pp. 536-541)
Nuclear Reaction Data Relevant to Nuclear Astrophysics [Abstract]
S. Goriely

(pp. 542-545)
Photoneutron Cross Sections for Nuclear Astrophysics [Abstract]
H. Utsunomiya, H. Akimune, S. Goko, T. Yamagata, M. Ohta, H. Ohgaki, H. Toyokawa, K. Sumiyoshi, Y.-W. Lui

(pp. 546-549)
High-Resolution Neutron Capture and Total Cross Section Measurements for 192,194,195,196Pt and the Astrophysical Rates for the 192,194,195,196Pt(n,γ) Reactions [Abstract]
P.E. Koehler, J.A. Harvey, K.H. Guber, R.R. Winters, S. Raman

(pp. 550-553)
Magnetic Shift of Magic Nuclei [Abstract]
V.N. Kondratyev

(pp. 554-557)
s-Process Nucleosynthesis in Low-Metallicity Stars [Abstract]
N. Iwamoto, T. Kajino, G.J. Mathews, M.Y. Fujimoto, W. Aoki

(pp. 558-561)
Experimental Studies of Nuclear Astrophysics with Fast RI beams [Abstract]
T. Motobayashi

(pp. 562-565)
Measurement and Evaluation of Nuclear Data Required for Astrophysical Applications [Abstract]
K. Kadyrzhanov, N. Burtebayev, A. Zvenigorodskij

(pp. 566-568)
Compilation and Evaluation of Alpha-Induced Nuclear Reaction Cross Sections For Astrophysics [Abstract]
S. Dunaeva, V. McLane, P. Obložinský, A. Sonzogni, M.S. Smith

(pp. 569-572)
Reinvestigation of 85Kr Branching in the Light of New 82,84,86Kr Neutron Capture Cross Section Measurements [Abstract]
P. Mutti, H. Beer, A. Brusegan, F. Corvi

(pp. 573-575)
Comparison of Nuclear Reactions in Nuclear Energy Systems and in the Universe [Abstract]
T. Ohsaki, M. Igashira

Nuclear Data relevant to Astrophysics and Frontier Nuclear Physics: Frontier Nuclear Physics

(pp. 576-579)
Frontiers of Heavy-Ion Physics and Superheavy Elements [Abstract]
G. Münzenberg

(pp. 580-585)
Frontier of Quark-Nuclear Physics at SPring-8 and Nuclear Data [Abstract]
M. Fujiwara

(pp. 586-591)
Systematics on Superheavy Elements Formation [Abstract]
M. Ohta, Y. Aritomo

(pp. 592-594)
Nuclear Data in Oklo and Time-Variability of Fundamental Coupling Constants [Abstract]
Y. Fujii, A. Iwamoto, T. Fukahori, T. Ohnuki, M. Nakagawa, H. Hidaka, Y. Oura, P. Möller

(pp. 595-598)
Density Effects on the Elastic Scattering of 6He and 8He [Abstract]
M. Avrigeanu, G.S. Anagnostatos, A.N. Antonov, V. Avrigeanu

(pp. 599-602)
Effects of Nuclear Deformation on Fusion Probability in the Reactions of 76Ge + 150Nd and 82Se + natCe near the Coulomb Barrier [Abstract]
K. Nishio, H. Ikezoe, S. Mitsuoka, K. Satou

Experimental Facilities and Methods

(pp. 603-607)
High Luminosity Neutron Methods for Astrophysics and Nuclear Transmutation Applications [Abstract]
Yu.P. Popov

(pp. 608-613)
Super-High-Resolution Measurement of Photo-Nuclear Cross Sections [Abstract]
H. Harada, K. Furutaka, H. Toyokawa, H. Ohgaki

(pp. 614-619)
DANCE Device for Measurement of (n,γ) Reactions on Radioactive Species [Abstract]
J.B. Wilhelmy, E.P. Chamberlin, M.R. Dragowsky, M.M. Fowler, R.C. Haight, M. Heil, F. Käppeler, G.G. Miller, P.D. Palmer, L.N. Pangault, R. Reifarth, R.S. Rundberg, E.H. Seabury, D.D. Strottman, J.L. Ullmann, K. Wisshak

(pp. 620-625)
Partial γ-Ray Cross Sections for the Reaction 239Pu(n,2nγi) and the 239Pu(n,2n) Cross Section [Abstract]
J.A. Becker, L.A. Bernstein, W. Younes, D.P. McNabb, P.E. Garrett, D.E. Archer, C.A. McGrath, M.A. Stoyer, H. Chen, W.E. Ormand, R.O. Nelson, M.B. Chadwick, G.D. Johns, D. Drake, P.G. Young, M. Devlin, N. Fotiades, W.S. Wilburn

(pp. 626-629)
Measurements of Spallation Residues Using Inverse Kinematics at GSI [Abstract]
T. Enqvist, P. Armbruster, J. Benlliure, M. Bernas, A. Boudard, E. Casarejos, S. Czajkowski, R. Legrain, S. Leray, B. Mustapha, J. Pereira, M. Pravikoff, F. Rejmund, K.-H. Schmidt, C. Stéphan, J. Taieb, L. Tassan-Got, F. Vivés, C. Volant, W. Wlazlo

(pp. 630-633)
Methodology of a Study of Correlations Between Neutron Multiplicity, Mass and Kinetic Energy of Fission Fragments [Abstract]
A. Vorobyev, V. Dushin, F.-J. Hambsch, V. Jakovlev, V. Kalinin, I. Kraev, A. Laptev, B. Petrov, G. Petrov, Yu. Pleva, O. Shcherbakov, V. Sokolov

(pp. 634-637)
The FIGARO Facility at Los Alamos: Capabilities and First Results [Abstract]
R.C. Haight, M. Devlin, L. Zanini, J. O'donnell, A. Aprahamian, J. Saladin

(pp. 638-641)
Neutron Cross Section Measurements at the Spallation Neutron Source [Abstract]
K.H. Guber, P.E. Koehler, T.E. Valentine, L.C. Leal

(pp. 642-645)
Methods/Data Testing for Advanced LWR Fuel Designs and Operational Modes in the PROTEUS Facility [Abstract]
F. Jatuff, O.P. Joneja, M. Murphy, C. Pralong, R. Seiler, R. Chawla

(pp. 646-648)
keV-Neutron Spectrometry Method for Partial Cross Section Measurements [Abstract]
Yu.P. Popov, A.V. Voinov, N.A. Gundorin, A.P. Kobzev, P.V. Sedyshev, S.S. Parzhitski, D.G. Serov

(pp. 649-652)
Development of a Spectrometer to Measure Photon and Electron Decay Heat from Radionuclides [Abstract]
M. Pillon, M. Angelone, R.A. Forrest

(pp. 653-656)
The Neutron Time Of Flight Facility at CERN [Abstract]
C. Borcea, S. Buono, P. Cennini, M. Dahlfors, V. Dangendorf, A. Ferrari, G. Garcia-Munoz, Y. Kadi, V. Lacoste, R. Nolte, E. Radermacher, C. Rubbia, F. Saldana, V. Vlachoudis, M. Weierganz, L. Zanini

(pp. 657-660)
Development of SCINFUL-QMD Code to Calculate the Neutron Detection Efficiencies for Liquid Organic Scintillator up to 3GeV [Abstract]
D. Satoh, S. Kunieda, Y. Iwamoto, N. Shigyo, K. Ishibashi

(pp. 661-664)
SCANDAL - A Facility for Elastic Neutron Scattering Studies in the 50-130 MeV Range [Abstract]
J. Klug, J. Blomgren, A. Ataç, B. Bergenwall, S. Dangtip, K. Elmgren, C. Johansson, N. Olsson, S. Pomp, U. Tippawan, A.V. Prokofiev, O. Jonsson, L. Nilsson, P.-U. Renberg, P. Nadel-Turonski, C. Le Brun, J.-F. Lecolley, F.-R. Lecolley, M. Louvel, N. Marie, C. Varignon, Ph. Eudes, F. Haddad, M. Kerveno, T. Kirchner, C. Lebrun, L. Stuttgé, I. Slypen

(pp. 665-668)
Fast Neutrons Transmission Measurement Setup at KFUPM [Abstract]
A.A. Naqvi, Khateeb-ur-Rehman, M.M. Nagadi, S. Kidwai

(pp. 669-672)
A Noise Analysis Approach for Measuring the Decay Constants and the Relative Abundance of Delayed Neutrons in a Zero Power Critical Facility [Abstract]
R. Diniz, A. dos Santos

(pp. 673-676)
Fission Fragment Properties and the Problem of The Pulse Height Defect [Abstract]
F. Tovesson, F.-J. Hambsch, S. Oberstedt, H. Bax

(pp. 677-680)
Study of the Be(p,n) and Be(d,n) Source Reactions [Abstract]
T.N. Massey, D.K. Jacobs, S.I. Al-Quraishi, S.M. Grimes, C.E. Brient, W.B. Howard, J.C. Yanch

(pp. 681-684)
Measurement of the Prompt k0-factors for the Strong Non-1/v Absorbers relative to Cl [Abstract]
G.M. Sun, I.J. Kim, S.H. Byun, H.D. Choi, C.S. Kang

(pp. 685-688)
The Resolution Function in Neutron Time-of-Flight Experiments [Abstract]
A. Brusegan, G. Noguere, F. Gunsing

(pp. 689-692)
Accuracy of the Pulse Height Weighting Technique for Capture Cross Section Measurements [Abstract]
J.L. Tain, F. Gunsing, D. Cano-Ott, N. Colonna, C. Domingo, E. Gonzalez, M. Heil, F. Käppeler, S. Marrone, P. Mastinu, P.M. Milazzo, T. Papaevangelou, P. Pavlopoulos, R. Plag, R. Reifarth, G. Tagliente, K. Wisshak, n-TOF collaboration

(pp. 693-696)
Development of SCINFUL-CG Code to Calculate Response Function of Hybrid Neutron Detectors Using Scintillators [Abstract]
E. Kim, A. Endo, Y. Yamaguchi

Basic Nuclear Theories relevant to Data Evaluation

(pp. 697-702)
Soft-Rotator Model and Coupled-Channels Approach for Consistent Description of the Nuclear Collective Levels and Their Excitation by Nucleons [Abstract]
E.Sh. Soukhovitskiĩ, S. Chiba

(pp. 703-708)
Developments in the Calculation of Fission Potential-Energy Surfaces [Abstract]
P. Möller, D.G. Madland, A.J. Sierk, A. Iwamoto

(pp. 709-713)
Nuclear Level Densities [Abstract]
S.M. Grimes

(pp. 714-719)
QMD and JAM Calculations for High Energy Nucleon-Nucleus Collisions [Abstract]
K. Niita

(pp. 720-725)
Recent Developments of the Cascade-Exciton Model of Nuclear Reactions [Abstract]
S.G. Mashnik, A.J. Sierk

(pp. 726-729)
Cross Sections for Multistep Direct Reactions [Abstract]
P. Demetriou, A. Marcinkowski, B. Mariański

(pp. 730-733)
Microscopic Calculation of Nuclear Level Densities with Auxiliary-Fields Monte Carlo Method [Abstract]
H. Nakada

(pp. 734-737)
Combining Semi-Classical and Quantum Mechanical Methodologies for Nuclear Cross-Section Calculations Between 1 MeV and 5 GeV [Abstract]
C.Y. Fu, F.B. Guimaraes, L.C. Leal

(pp. 738-741)
A Predictive Model of Nucleon-Nucleus Scattering Cross Sections [Abstract]
K. Amos, P. Deb, S. Karataglidis, D.G. Madland

(pp. 742-745)
Comparison between Analyzing Powers from the Inclusive Reactions (p, α) and (p, 3He) on 59Co at an Incident Energy of 100 MeV [Abstract]
A.A. Cowley, S.V. Förtsch, G.F. Steyn, S. Dimitrova, P.E. Hodgson

(pp. 746-749)
On Consistent Description of Nuclear Level Density [Abstract]
V. Avrigeanu, T. Glodariu, A.J.M. Plompen, H. Weigmann

(pp. 750-753)
Semiclassical Distorted Wave Model Analysis of Inclusive (N,N'x) Reactions for Incident Energies up to 400 MeV [Abstract]
Y. Watanabe, Sun Weili, K. Ogata, M. Kohno, M. Kawai

(pp. 754-757)
Nucleon-Induced Fission at Intermediate Energies [Abstract]
M. Duijvestijn, A. Koning, F.-J. Hambsch

(pp. 758-761)
Calculation of Nuclide Productions from Proton Induced Reactions on Heavy Targets with INC/GEM [Abstract]
S. Furihata, T. Nakamura

(pp. 762-765)
Improvements of Intra-Nuclear Cascade Model Stimulated by Recent Spallation Data [Abstract]
A. Boudard, J. Cugnon, S. Leray, C. Volant

(pp. 766-769)
Collective Degrees of Freedom in Nuclear Level Densities [Abstract]
A. Mengoni, A. Ventura, S. Masetti, R. Capote, D. Kusnezov

(pp. 770-773)
Photonucleon Reaction Cross Sections Involving 16O in the Continuum Random Phase Approximation [Abstract]
J.-Y. Lee, J. Chang

(pp. 774-777)
Estimation of Alpha-decay Half-lives and Fission Barriers from the Viewpoint of a New Mass Formula [Abstract]
H. Koura, T. Tachibana, T. Yoshida

(pp. 778-781)
NWY Model Calculations for Nucleon-Induced Multistep Direct Reactions [Abstract]
T. Kawano, S. Yoshida

(pp. 782-784)
Statistical Model Approach to (n,p) Reaction Cross Section Systematics [Abstract]
G. Khuukhenkhuu, G. Unenbat, Yu.M. Gledenov, M. Sedysheva

(pp. 785-788)
Benchmarking Ten Codes Against the Recent GSI Measurements of the Nuclide Yields from 208Pb, 197Au, and 238U + p Reactions at 1 GeV/nucleon [Abstract]
S.G. Mashnik, R.E. Prael, A.J. Sierk, V.F. Batyaev, S.V. Kvasova, R.D. Mulambetov, Yu.E. Titarenko

(pp. 789-791)
APMN - A Program for Automatically Searching Optimal Optical Potential Parameters [Abstract]
Shen QingBiao

(pp. 792-794)
Inclusive (d,xd') Reactions on Nuclei in the Mass range 9 to 208 at an Incident Energy of 100 MeV [Abstract]
S.V. Förtsch, D. Ridikas, W. Mittig, H. Savajols, P. Roussel-Chomaz, G.F. Steyn, J.J. Lawrie

(pp. 795-798)
A Fully Algebraic Model for Multichannel Low Energy Nucleon-Nucleus Scattering [Abstract]
K. Amos, L. Canton, G. Pisent, J. Svenne, D. van der Knijff

(pp. 799-802)
Folding Model Potential for the Neutron Direct Capture of 12C and 16O [Abstract]
H. Kitazawa, M. Igashira, T. Ohsaki, T. Matsushima

(pp. 803-806)
Pre-equilibrium-Emission Surface Effects in Activation Reactions [Abstract]
M. Avrigeanu, V. Avrigeanu, A.J.M. Plompen

(pp. 807-810)
Phase Problem in Nuclear Scattering Additional Constraints for the Analysis of Elastic Scattering Data [Abstract]
H. Leeb, H. Grötz, S. Wilmsen

(pp. 811-814)
Testing and Improvements of Gamma-Ray Strength Functions for Nuclear Model Calculations [Abstract]
V.A. Plujko, S.N. Ezhov, M.O. Kavatsyuk, A.A. Grebenyuk, R.V. Yermolenko

(pp. 815-817)
The Statistical Distribution of the Number of Prompt Fission Gamma Rays [Abstract]
C. Ji, G.H.R. Kegel, J.J. Egan, D.J. DeSimone, A. Alimeti, C. Roldan, Chen Xudong

(pp. 818-821)
Vanishing of the N = 20 Magic Number Studied by the Monte Carlo Shell Model [Abstract]
Y. Utsuno, T. Otsuka, T. Mizusaki, M. Honma

(pp. 822-825)
Failure of Standard Optical Models to Reproduce Neutron Total Cross Section Differences in the W Isotopes [Abstract]
J.D. Anderson, R.W. Bauer, F.S. Dietrich, S.M. Grimes, R.W. Finlay, W.P. Abfalterer, F.B. Bateman, R.C. Haight, G.L. Morgan, E. Bauge, J.-P. Delaroche, P. Romain

(pp. 826-827)
Nuclear Level Density for Nuclei with Static Deformation [Abstract]
Z. Kargar, A.N. Behkami, M. Nasri Nasrabadi

(pp. 828-830)
Analysis of Fragment Angular Distributions from Heavy - Ion Reaction [Abstract]
A.N. Behkami, Z. Kargar, M. Nasri Nasrabadi

(pp. 831-834)
Importance of the SFS in Evaluating Neutron Resonance Data [Abstract]
K. Ideno

Processing, Testing and Verification & Validation of Evaluated Data

(pp. 835-840)
OECD/NEA Comparison Calculations for an Accelerator-driven System Using Different Nuclear Data Libraries [Abstract]
B.-C. Na, M. Cometto, P. Wydler, H. Takano, M. Kellett

(pp. 841-846)
Integral Test of JENDL-3.3 with Shielding Benchmarks [Abstract]
N. Yamano, K. Ueki, F. Maekawa, C. Konno, C. Ichihara, Y. Hoshiai, Y. Matsumoto, A. Hasegawa

(pp. 847-851)
Validation of JENDL-3.3 by Criticality Benchmark Testing [Abstract]
H. Takano, T. Nakagawa, K. Kaneko

(pp. 852-855)
International Integral Experiments Databases in Support of Nuclear Data and Code Validation [Abstract]
J.B. Briggs, J. Gadó, H. Hunter, I. Kodeli, M. Salvatores, E. Sartori

(pp. 856-859)
A Probability Table Based Cross Section Processing System: CALENDF - 2001 [Abstract]
J.-Ch. Sublet, P. Ribon

(pp. 860-863)
Analysis of Recent Post Irradiation Tests by Japanese and French Burnup Analysis Code Systems [Abstract]
T. Iwasaki, H. Hiraizumi, G. Youinou

(pp. 864-867)
Analysis of High Moderation PWR MOX Core MISTRAL-4 with SRAC and MVP [Abstract]
M. Tatsumi, T. Kan, K. Ishii, Y. Ando, T. Yamamoto, Y. Iwata, M. Ueji

(pp. 868-871)
Trends in Nuclear Data Derived from Integral Experiments in Thermal and Epithermal Reactors [Abstract]
C. Chabert, A. Santamarina, P. Bioux

(pp. 872-875)
The Cross Section Sensitivity of the Minor Actinides on a Lead-bismuth Cooled Accelerator-Driven Burner System [Abstract]
C.-S. Gil, J.-D. Kim, J. Chang

(pp. 876-879)
The Mini-Inca Project: Experimental Study of the Transmutation of Actinides in High Intensity Neutron Fluxes [Abstract]
G. Fioni, O. Deruelle, M. Fadil, A. Letourneau, F. Marie, R. Plukiene, D. Ridikas, I. Almahamid, D.A. Shaughnessy, H. Faust, P. Mutti, G. Simpson, I. Tsekhanovich, S. Roettger

(pp. 880-883)
Data Sensitivity of Design Calculations for High Conversion D2O Reactors [Abstract]
S. Pelloni, H. Hager, O.P. Joneja, R. Chawla

(pp. 884-887)
Validation of Nuclear Data Libraries for Reactor Safety and Design Calculations [Abstract]
W. Bernnat, S. Langenbuch, M. Mattes, W. Zwermann

(pp. 888-891)
Analysis of the CIRANO Experiment for Plutonium Burning Fast Reactor using JNC's Calculation Scheme [Abstract]
S. Ohki, T. Iwai

(pp. 892-895)
A New Investigation of Iron Cross Sections via Spherical-Shell Transmission Measurements and Particle Transport Calculations [Abstract]
J.M. Adams, A. Alpan, A.D. Carlson, S.R. Gardner, S.M. Grimes, A. Haghighat, V. Kucukboyaci, T.N. Massey, A. Patchimpattapong, M.T. Wenner

(pp. 896-899)
A Note on How to Iterate Adjustment [Abstract]
J.J. Wagschal, Y. Yeivin

(pp. 900-903)
New WIMS Library Generation from ENDF/B6 and Effect of Resonance Group Structure on Cell Parameters [Abstract]
A. Pazirandeh, A. Tabesh

(pp. 904-907)
Convergences And Divergences Of 2200 ms-1 (n,γ) Cross Section Data Selected From 1981-2001 Editions Of General And k0-NAA Evaluated Data Libraries [Abstract]
F. De Corte

(pp. 908-911)
Definition and Analysis of Heavy Water Reactor Benchmarks for Testing New Multigroup Libraries [Abstract]
F. Leszczynski

(pp. 912-915)
Uncertainty Propagation Methodology and Nuclear Data Sensitivity Analysis in 3D Heterogeneous Problems [Abstract]
J.-M. Palau, D. Bernard

(pp. 916-919)
The Comparative Analysis of ν 239Pu from the Evaluated Nuclear Data Library [Abstract]
L.P. Abagyan

(pp. 920-923)
Integral Test for Np237 and Am241 Cross Sections in JENDL, ENDF and JEF Libraries [Abstract]
T. Iwasaki, H. Unesaki, T. Kitada

(pp. 924-927)
AMERATEST - A Contribution to the JEFF-3 File Testing and Initial Benchmarking [Abstract]
E. Dupont, E. Fort

(pp. 928-931)
Generation and Validation of the WIMS-D5 library Based on JENDL-3.2 [Abstract]
C.-S. Gil, J.-D. Kim

(pp. 932-935)
Experimental Determination of the Spectral Indices 28ρ and 25δ of the IPEN/MB-01 Reactor [Abstract]
U. d'Utra Bitelli, A. dos Santos

(pp. 936-939)
Testing of Neutron Data by Comparison of Measured and Calculated Average Transmissions [Abstract]
P. Siegler, K. Dietze, P. Ribon

(pp. 940-943)
Sensitivity of Subcritical Measurement Simulations to Neutron Cross-Section Data [Abstract]
T.E. Valentine

(pp. 944-946)
Resonance Self-Shielding in the Actinides [Abstract]
N. Janeva, N. Koyumdjieva, A. Lukyanov, K. Volev

(pp. 947-950)
Investigation of Gamma and Neutron Energy Fluences in Iron-Water Benchmark Configurations for the Verification of Monte Carlo Calculations and their Application in Reactor Material Dosimetry [Abstract]
B. Boehmer, M. Grantz, W. Hansen, D. Hinke, J. Konheiser, H.-C. Mehner, K. Noack, R. Schneider, I. Stephan, S. Unholzer

(pp. 951-954)
A Detailed Reassessment of the Criticality Property of Pure 241Am [Abstract]
S. Ganesan, H. Wienke

(pp. 955-958)
Fusion Neutronics Benchmark Experiment on Structural and Advanced Blanket Materials - Leakage Gamma-ray Spectrum Measurement - [Abstract]
T. Nishio, Y. Terada, I. Murata, A. Takahashi, F. Maekawa, T. Nishitani, H. Takeuchi

(pp. 959-962)
Reactivity Measurements of Erbium at Tank-type Critical Assembly and Analyses Using ENDF/B-VI, JEF-2.2 and preliminary JENDL-3.3 Libraries [Abstract]
K. Sakurai, T. Yamamoto

(pp. 963-966)
Integral Experiment on Induced Radioactivity and Decay-Heat of Mercury with 14 MeV Neutrons [Abstract]
Y. Kasugai, F. Maekawa, T. Kai, Y. Ikeda, H. Takeuchi

(pp. 967-970)
Verification of Iron Cross-sections based on Reactivity Effect of Iron Reflectors in a LWR Core [Abstract]
Y. Tahara, H. Sekimoto

(pp. 971-973)
Benchmark Evaluation on Single Core System Composed of 10% Enriched Uranyl Nitrate Solution at STACY [Abstract]
Y. Miyoshi, T. Yamamoto, S. Watanabe

(pp. 974-977)
Benchmark Experiment for the Validation of Shut Down Activation and Dose Rate in a Fusion Device [Abstract]
P. Batistoni, M. Angelone, L. Petrizzi, M. Pillon

(pp. 978-981)
Fusion Neutronics Benchmark Experiment on Structural and Advanced Blanket Materials - Leakage Neutron Spectrum Measurement - [Abstract]
I. Murata, Kokooo, D. Nakano, H. Takagi, T. Kondo, T. Nishio, Y. Terada, A. Takahashi, F. Maekawa, Y. Ikeda, H. Takeuchi

(pp. 982-985)
Interpretation of Integral Test Results of FP Cross Sections in JENDL-3.2 by Analyzing the STEK Experiments [Abstract]
M. Kawai, T. Watanabe, A. Zukeran, H. Matsunobu, S. Chiba, T. Nakagawa, Y. Nakajima, T. Sugi, K. Dietze

(pp. 986-989)
Experimental Study on Cross Section Data of Mercury with D-T and 252Cf Neutron Sources [Abstract]
F. Maekawa, S. Meigo, Y. Kasugai, T. Kai, M. Harada, K. Shibata, Y. Ikeda, H. Takeuchi

(pp. 990-993)
Comprehensive Activation Experiment with 14-MeV Neutrons Covering Most of Naturally Existing Elements - 5 Minutes Irradiation Experiment - [Abstract]
F. Maekawa, K. Shibata, M. Wada, Y. Ikeda, H. Takeuchi

(pp. 994-997)
Development of One Group Constant Library for the Computer Code ORIGEN-2 Using JENDL-3.2 [Abstract]
Y. Naito

(pp. 998-1001)
Nuclear Data Set ABBN-93.2 and its Usage for Nuclear Criticality and Radiation Safety Estimations [Abstract]
S. Zabrodskaia, T. Ivanova, V.N. Koscheev, G.N. Manturov, M.N. Nikolaev, Ye. Rozhikhin, Yu. Khomiakov, A. Tsiboulia, A.M. Tsiboulia

(pp. 1002-1005)
JUPITER Experimental Analyses Using a New Constant Set Based on JENDL-3.2 [Abstract]
K. Sugino

(pp. 1006-1009)
Testing of Neutron Data Libraries in Application to Reactor Pressure Vessel Dosimetry [Abstract]
B. Boehmer, G. Borodkin, J. Konheiser, G.N. Manturov

(pp. 1010-1012)
Validation of Neutron Data for Pb and Bi Using Critical Experiments [Abstract]
A.M. Tsiboulia, Yu. Khomyakov, V.N. Koscheev, A. Kochetkov, I. Matveenko, I. Mikhailova, M. Semenov, A.V. Lopatkin, V.S. Smirnov

(pp. 1013-1016)
Development of Heavy Ion Transport Monte Carlo Code [Abstract]
H. Iwase, T. Kurosawa, M. Sasaki, T. Nakamura, N. Yoshizawa, J. Funabiki

(pp. 1017-1020)
New Particle Transport Methods for Design and Optimization of Spherical-Shell Transmission Measurements [Abstract]
A. Haghighat, S.R. Gardner, V. Kucukboyaci, M.T. Wenner, J.M. Adams, A.D. Carlson, S.M. Grimes, T.N. Massey

(pp. 1021-1024)
Neutronics Experiments of Vanadium Benchmark [Abstract]
Chen Yuan, An Li, Mou Yunfeng, Guo Haipin

(pp. 1025-1028)
Integral Test on Activation Cross Section of Tag Gas Nuclides Using Fast Neutron Spectrum Fields [Abstract]
T. Aoyama, C. Ito

(pp. 1029-1032)
Lumped Group Constants of FP Nuclides for Fast Reactor Shielding Calculation Based on JENDL-3.2 [Abstract]
S. Tabuchi, S. Maeda, T. Aoyama

(pp. 1033-1036)
Mixed Neutron and Gamma Spectra Measurements and Calculations in Pure Iron Benchmark Assembly with Cf-252 Neutron Source [Abstract]
B. Janský, E. Novák, Z. Turzík, J. Kyncl, F. Cvachovec, J. Klusoň, L.A. Trykov, V.S. Volkov, P. Čuda

(pp. 1037-1040)
MATXS Files Processed from JENDL-3.2 and -3.3 for Shielding [Abstract]
C. Konno, Y. Ikeda

(pp. 1041-1044)
ACE and MATXS Files Processed from JENDL High Energy File [Abstract]
C. Konno, Y. Ikeda

(pp. 1045-1048)
Benchmark and MC Sensitivity/Uncertainty Analyses of FNS Beryllium and Iron TOF Experiments and IPPE Nickel TOF Experiment Using EFF-3 Data [Abstract]
C. Konno, U. Fischer, R.L. Perel

(pp. 1049-1052)
Some Test Calculations with the IAEA Photonuclear Data Library [Abstract]
P. Vertes, D. Ridikas

(pp. 1053-1056)
Physics Benchmark Experiments and Analysis for Reflector-Control-Type Small Fast Reactors at TOSHIBA Nuclear Critical Assembly [Abstract]
M. Kawashima, K. Yoshioka, M. Yamaoka, Y. Ando, M. Watanabe, K. Tsuji, A. Nishikawa

Applications to Fission Technology

(pp. 1057-1060)
Direction and Region Dependent Cross Sections for Use to MOX Fuel Analysis [Abstract]
T. Takeda, T. Kitada

(pp. 1061-1066)
Analysis of MISTRAL Experiments with JENDL-3.2 [Abstract]
T. Yamamoto, Y. Iwata, M. Ueji, T. Umano, Y. Ando, T. Kan, K. Ishii, M. Tatsumi

(pp. 1067-1072)
Neutron Data Measurements for Waste Transmutation at GELINA [Abstract]
F. Corvi, F. Gunsing, C. Bastian, A. Brusegan, N. Herault, J. Gonzalez, V. Gressier, A. Lepretre, E. Macavero, C. Mounier, G. Noguere, C. Raepsaet, P. Siegler, n-TOF collaboration

(pp. 1073-1076)
Development of a Unified Cross-section Set ADJ2000 based on Adjustment Technique for Fast Reactor Analysis [Abstract]
M. Ishikawa, K. Sugino, W. Sato, K. Numata

(pp. 1077-1080)
The OSMOSE Experimental Program in MINERVE for the Qualification of the Integral Cross Sections of Actinides [Abstract]
J.-P. Hudelot, C. Chabert, J.-P. Chauvin, P. Fougeras, G. Perret, X. Genin, C. Leorier, J.-M. Moulinier

(pp. 1081-1084)
An Integral Metallic-Fueled and Lead-Cooled Reactor Concept for the 4th Generation Reactor [Abstract]
A. dos Santos, J.A. do Nascimento

(pp. 1085-1088)
Experimental Analysis Results on the BFS 58-1-I1 Critical Assembly [Abstract]
A. Shono, W. Sato, T. Iwai

(pp. 1089-1092)
Nuclide Characteristics of Actinide for Rapid and Perfect Transmutation of Minor-Actinide by using Thermal Neutron Field [Abstract]
T. Iwasaki

(pp. 1093-1096)
A Study of Transmutation of Long-Lived Nuclides in Fast Reactor Using New Hydride Material with High Dissociation Temperature [Abstract]
T. Iwasaki, T. Sugawara

(pp. 1097-1100)
Doppler Reactivity Worth Uncertainties due to Errors of Resolved Resonance Parameters [Abstract]
A. Zukeran, M. Ishikawa, T. Nakagawa, K. Shibata, T. Hino

(pp. 1101-1104)
Decay Heat of Fast Reactor Spent Fuel [Abstract]
S. Maeda, T. Aoyama

(pp. 1105-1108)
Chemical Isotopic Analyses and Calculations Based on JENDL-3.2 Library for High Burn-up UO2 and MOX Spent Fuels [Abstract]
A. Sasahara, T. Matsumura, D. Papaioannou, M. Betti

(pp. 1109-1111)
Reactor Kinetics Calculated in the Summation Method [Abstract]
K. Oyamatsu

Applications to Fusion Technology

(pp. 1112-1117)
Recent Measurements of Nuclear Data and Integral Tests for Fusion Reactor Application [Abstract]
I. Murata, A. Takahashi

(pp. 1118-1123)
Application of Nuclear Data in Fusion Neutronics [Abstract]
U. Fischer, P. Batistoni, R.A. Forrest, A.Yu. Konobeyev, K. Seidel, S. Simakov, P.E. Pereslavtsev

(pp. 1124-1126)
The Library of Evaluated and Experimental Data on Charged Particles for Fusion Application [Abstract]
A. Zvenigorodskij, V. Zherebtsov, L. Lazarev, S. Dunaeva, L. Generalov, S. Taova, E. Kamskaya, R. Marshalkina

(pp. 1127-1130)
Transmutation and Activation Cross Sections Important for Reuse of Fusion Materials [Abstract]
E.T. Cheng, J. Kopecky, R.A. Forrest

(pp. 1131-1134)
Use of Reaction-Produced Monochromatic γ-Rays for Temperature Diagnostics of DT Plasma and Relevant Nuclear Data [Abstract]
V.T. Voronchev, V.I. Kukulin, Y. Nakao

(pp. 1135-1138)
Effect of Neutron Spectra and Multiple Reactions on Transmutation of W and V Alloys [Abstract]
T. Noda, M. Fujita

(pp. 1139-1142)
Fusion Power Measurement Based on 16O(n,p)16N Reaction in Flowing Water [Abstract]
T. Nishitani, Y. Uno, J. Kaneko, K. Ochiai, F. Maekawa

(pp. 1143-1146)
Measurement and Analysis of Decay Photon Spectra Inside an ITER-shield Mock-up after Activation with 14 MeV Neutrons [Abstract]
S. Unholzer, U. Fischer, H. Freiesleben, D. Richter, K. Seidel

(pp. 1147-1150)
Neutornics Experiment of 6Li-enriched Breeding Blanket with Li2TiO3/Be/F82H Assembly Using D-T Neutrons [Abstract]
K. Ochiai, A. Klix, J. Hori, Y. Morimoto, M. Wada, T. Nishitani

(pp. 1151-1154)
Analysis of Integral Benchmark Experiments with Latest Evaluated Nuclear Data [Abstract]
A.R. Sharma, D. Chandra, S. Chaturvedi, S. Ganesan

Applications to Accelerator Technology including Accelerator-Driven Systems

(pp. 1155-1160)
Research Activities on Neutronics under ASTE Collaboration at AGS/BNL [Abstract]
H. Nakashima, H. Takada, Y. Kasugai, S. Meigo, F. Maekawa, T. Kai, C. Konno, Y. Ikeda, Y. Oyama, N. Watanabe, M. Arai, M. Kawai, M. Numajiri, T. Ino, S. Sato, K. Takahashi, Y. Kiyanagi, R.-D. Neef, D. Filges, H. Conrad, H. Stechemesser, H. Spitzer, G. Bauer, E. Jerde, D. Glasgow, J. Haines, T. Gabriel, P. Montanez, A. Carroll, H. Ludewig, J. Hastings

(pp. 1161-1166)
HINDAS A European Nuclear Data Program for Accelerator-Driven Systems [Abstract]
A. Koning, H. Beijers, J. Benlliure, O. Bersillon, J. Blomgren, J. Cugnon, M. Duijvestijn, Ph. Eudes, D. Filges, F. Haddad, S. Hilaire, C. Lebrun, F.-R. Lecolley, S. Leray, J.-P. Meulders, R. Michel, R.-D. Neef, R. Nolte, N. Olsson, R. Ostendorf, E. Ramström, K.-H. Schmidt, H. Schuhmacher, I. Slypen, H.-A. Synal, R. Weinreich

(pp. 1167-1170)
Comparative Analysis of ENDF, JEF and JENDL Data Libraries by Modelling High Temperature Reactors and Plutonium Based Fuel Cycles [Abstract]
D. Ridikas, L. Bletzacker, O. Deruelle, M. Fadil, G. Fioni, A. Letourneau, F. Marie, R. Plukiene

(pp. 1171-1174)
Particle Production in GeV Proton-induced Spallation Reactions and Validation of Transport Codes [Abstract]
F. Goldenbaum, K. Nünighoff

(pp. 1175-1178)
Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Residual Product Nuclide Yields in 100-2600 MeV Proton-Irradiated Thin Targets [Abstract]
Yu.E. Titarenko, V.F. Batyaev, E.I. Karpikhin, A.B. Koldobsky, V.M. Zhivun, R.D. Mulambetov, S.V. Kvasova, V.S. Barashenkov, S.G. Mashnik, R.E. Prael, A.J. Sierk, H. Yasuda, M. Saito

(pp. 1179-1182)
Projectile Dependency of Radioactivities of Spallation Products Induced in Copper [Abstract]
H. Yashima, H. Sugita, T. Nakamura, T. Shiomi, Y. Uwamino, S. Ito, A. Fukumura

(pp. 1183-1186)
A Neutronics and Burnup Analysis of the Accelerator-Driven Transmutation System with Different Cross Section Libraries [Abstract]
T. Sasa, K. Tsujimoto, K. Kaneko, H. Takano

(pp. 1187-1190)
Experimental Investigation of Neutron Generation in Thick Target Blocks of Pb, Hg and W with 0.4 to 2.5 GeV Proton Beams [Abstract]
U. Jahnke, M. Enke, D. Filges, J. Galin, F. Goldenbaum, C.-M. Herbach, D. Hilscher, A. Letourneau, B. Lott, R.-D. Neef, K. Nünighoff, N. Paul, A. Péghaire, H. Schaal, G. Sterzenbach

(pp. 1191-1193)
Radioactivity in Aluminum, Water and Carbon Beam Dumps by 2-2.5 GeV Electrons [Abstract]
S. Ban, T. Sato, Y. Oki, K. Tanaka, K. Shin, H.-S. Lee, J.S. Bak

(pp. 1194-1197)
Impact of Various Models on the Prediction of Spallation Residue Yields and Target Activation [Abstract]
L. Donadille, A. Boudard, J.-C. David, S. Leray, C. Volant

(pp. 1198-1201)
Sensitivity Analysis of Neutron Cross Sections Relevant for Accelerator Driven Systems [Abstract]
M. Dahlfors, Y. Kadi

(pp. 1202-1205)
Transmutation of Long Lived Fission Products: The Possibilities of Proton Induced Reactions [Abstract]
A. Hermanne

(pp. 1206-1209)
Analysis for Spallation Neutron Source Induced from Proton Incident with Energy of 150 MeV [Abstract]
Fan Sheng, Ye Yanlin, Zhao Zhixiang, Yu Hongwei, Luo Zhanglin

(pp. 1210-1212)
Analysis for Fragment Products Proton-Induced Reactions on Pb with Energy up to GeV [Abstract]
Fan Sheng, Li Zhuxia, Xia Haihong, Zhao Zhixiang

(pp. 1213-1216)
Investigations of Neutron Characteristics for Salt Blanket Models; Integral Fission Cross Section Measurements of Neptunium, Plutonium, Americium and Curium Isotopes [Abstract]
E.F. Fomushkin, G. Novoselov, V. Gavrilov, M. Kuvshinov, V. Bogdanov, G. Maslov, V. Vyachin, V.P. Gorelov, V. Egorov, V.I. Il'in, D. Peshekhonov, A. Shvetsov, Yu.E. Titarenko, V.N. Konev, M. Igumnov, V.F. Batyaev, E.I. Karpikhin, V.M. Zhivun, A.B. Koldobsky, R.D. Mulambetov, D. Fischenko, S.V. Kvasova, A.V. Lopatkin, V. Muratov, A. Lositsky, B. Kurushin, H. Yasuda, S.G. Mashnik

(pp. 1217-1220)
Threshold Reaction Rates and Energy Spectra of Neutrons in the 0.8-1.6 GeV Proton-Irradiated W, Na Targets [Abstract]
Yu.E. Titarenko, V.F. Batyaev, E.I. Karpikhin, V.M. Zhivun, S.V. Kvasova, R.D. Mulambetov, A.B. Koldobsky, Yu.V. Trebukhovsky, V.A. Korolev, G.N. Smirnov, A.M. Voloshenko, V.Yu. Belov, N.I. Kachalin, S.G. Mashnik, R.E. Prael, A.J. Sierk, H. Yasuda

(pp. 1221-1223)
Comparisons of the Simulation Results Using Different Codes for ADS Spallation Target [Abstract]
Yu Hongwei, Fan Sheng, Shen QingBiao, Wan Junsheng, Zhao Zhixiang

(pp. 1224-1227)
On the Feasibility of ADS-Representative Integral Experiments Using Limited Amounts of Low-Enriched U-Fuel [Abstract]
S. Pelloni, R. Chawla

(pp. 1228-1231)
Systematics of Differential Photoneutron Yields Produced from Al, Ti, Cu, Sn, W, and Pb Targets by Irradiation of 2.04 GeV Electrons [Abstract]
H.-S. Lee, S. Ban, K. Shin, T. Sato, S. Maetaki, C. Chung, H.D. Choi

(pp. 1232-1235)
Tritium Production by Fast Neutrons on Oxygen: An Integral Experiment [Abstract]
R.C. Haight, J. Wermer, M. Fikani

(pp. 1236-1239)
Nuclear Data to Study Damage in Materials under Irradiation by Nucleons with Energies up to 25 GeV [Abstract]
A.Yu. Konobeyev, Yu.V. Konobeev, Yu.A. Korovin

(pp. 1240-1243)
A Monte Carlo Program for Estimating Characteristics of Neutron Calibration Fields Using a Pelletron Accelerator [Abstract]
M. Yoshizawa, T. Sugita, J. Saegusa, Y. Tanimura, M. Yoshida

(pp. 1244-1247)
Nuclear Data for Waste Transmutation in the EURATOM RTD Fifth Framework Programme [Abstract]
V.P. Bhatnagar, M. Hugon

(pp. 1248-1251)
Transmutation of 129I with High Energy Neutrons Produced in Spallation Reactions Induced by Protons in Massive Target [Abstract]
V. Henzl, D. Henzlova, A. Kugler, V. Wagner, J. Adam, P. Caloun, V.G. Kalinnikov, M.I. Krivopustov, A.V. Pavliouk, V.I. Stegailov, V.M. Tsoupko-Sitnikov, W. Westmeier

(pp. 1252-1255)
Measurements of Neutron Spectra Produced from a Thick Tungsten Target Bombarded with 0.5- and 1.5-GeV Protons [Abstract]
S. Meigo, H. Takada, N. Shigyo, K. Iga, Y. Iwamoto, H. Kitsuki, K. Ishibashi, K. Maehata, H. Arima, T. Nakamoto, M. Numajiri

(pp. 1256-1259)
Nuclide Composition Calculation for Pb-Bi Coolant of 80 MW Sub-Critical Reactor. Comparison of Different Data Libraries [Abstract]
A.Yu. Konobeyev, Yu.A. Korovin, M. Vecchi

(pp. 1260-1263)
Evaluation of Radioactivity at Accelerator Tunnels for High-Intensity Proton Accelerator Facility [Abstract]
Y. Nakane, F. Masukawa, T. Oguri, H. Nakashima, T. Abe, N. Sasamoto

(pp. 1264-1267)
Status on Shielding Design Study for the High-Intensity Proton Accelerator Facility [Abstract]
N. Sasamoto, H. Nakashima, H. Hirayama, T. Shibata

(pp. 1268-1271)
Analyses of High Energy Neutron Streaming Experiments Using DUCT-III [Abstract]
F. Masukawa, H. Nakashima, N. Sasamoto, H. Nakano, R. Tayama

Medical, Environmental, Industrial, Space Technology and Other Applications: Medical

(pp. 1272-1277)
Nuclear Data for Production of New Medical Radionuclides [Abstract]
S.M. Qaim

(pp. 1278-1281)
Cross Section Measurements on Gas Targets Relevant to the Production of the Positron Emitting Radionuclides 14O, 18F and 76Br [Abstract]
B. Scholten, E. Hess, S. Takács, Z. Kovács, F.T. Tárkányi, H.H. Coenen, S.M. Qaim

(pp. 1282-1285)
Charged-Particle Cross Section Database for Medical Radioisotope Production [Abstract]
S.M. Qaim, F.T. Tárkányi, P. Obložinský, K. Gul, A. Hermanne, M.G. Mustafa, F.M. Nortier, B. Scholten, Yu.N. Shubin, S. Takács, Zhuang Youxiang

(pp. 1286-1289)
Deuteron Bombardment Of 103Rh: A New Promising Pathway For The Production Of 103Pd [Abstract]
A. Hermanne, M. Sonck, S. Takács, F.T. Tárkányi, Yu.N. Shubin

(pp. 1290-1293)
The Benchmark of the Simulation Calculation for Near-threshold 7Li(p,n)7Be Reaction in Neutron Capture Therapy [Abstract]
K. Tanaka, T. Kobayashi, Y. Sakurai, Y. Nakagawa, M. Ishikawa, M. Hoshi

(pp. 1294-1297)
Experimental Verification of the Nuclear Data of Gadolinium for Neutron Capture Therapy [Abstract]
Y. Sakurai, T. Kobayashi

(pp. 1298-1301)
Cross Section Data and Kerma Coefficients at 95 MeV Neutrons for Medical Applications [Abstract]
B. Bergenwall, S. Dangtip, A. Ataç, J. Blomgren, K. Elmgren, C. Johansson, J. Klug, N. Olsson, S. Pomp, U. Tippawan, O. Jonsson, L. Nilsson, P.-U. Renberg, P. Nadel-Turonski, J. Söderberg, G. Alm Carlsson, C. Le Brun, J.-F. Lecolley, F.-R. Lecolley, M. Louvel, N. Marie, C. Schweitzer, C. Varignon, Ph. Eudes, F. Haddad, M. Kerveno, T. Kirchner, C. Lebrun, L. Stuttgé, I. Slypen

(pp. 1302-1305)
Experimental Thin-Target and Thick-Target Yields for natOs(α,xn)Pt, natOs(α,X)Os, Ir and natMo(p,xn)Tc Nuclear Reactions from Threshold up to 38 and 45 MeV, by Combined Single and Stacked Foil Techniques [Abstract]
C. Birattari, M. Bonardi, L. Gini, F. Groppi, E. Menapace

(pp. 1306-1309)
Model Calculations and Discrete Optimization Method in Evaluation of Nuclear Data for Medical Radioisotope Production [Abstract]
A.I. Dityuk, Yu.N. Shubin

(pp. 1310-1313)
Re-measurement of the Excitation Function of the 85Rb(p,4n)82Sr Nuclear Reaction Near the Threshold: Relevance to the Production of a 82Sr(82Rb) Generator System with a Medium Energy Cyclotron [Abstract]
T. Ido, A. Hermanne, F. Ditrói, Z. Szücs, I. Mahunka, F.T. Tárkányi

(pp. 1314-1317)
Analysis of Absorbed Dose to Tooth Enamel for ESR Dosimetry [Abstract]
F. Takahashi, Y. Yamaguchi, K. Saito, M. Iwasaki, C. Miyazawa, T. Hamada, J. Funabiki

(pp. 1318-1321)
Status of the Database for Production of Medical Radioisotopes of 103Pd, 123,124I, 201Tl by Using Rh, Te and Tl Targets [Abstract]
F.T. Tárkányi, S. Takács, L. Andó, H. Vera-Ruiz, Yu.N. Shubin, A. Hermanne

(pp. 1322-1325)
Nuclear Data for Production of the Longer-lived Positron Emitters 83Sr and 124I with Intermediate Energy Protons [Abstract]
S.M. Qaim, S. Kastleiner, A. Hohn, F.M. Nortier, B. Scholten, T.N. van der Walt, H.H. Coenen

(pp. 1326-1329)
Induction of Micronuclei by 153Sm-EDTMP in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes in vitro [Abstract]
M.F. Suzuki, M.A. da Silva, M.I.C.C. Guimaraes, K. Okazaki

(pp. 1330-1333)
Experimental Double-Differential Light-Ion Production Cross Sections for Silicon at 95 MeV Neutrons [Abstract]
U. Tippawan, B. Bergenwall, S. Dangtip, A. Ataç, J. Blomgren, K. Elmgren, C. Johansson, J. Klug, N. Olsson, S. Pomp, O. Jonsson, L. Nilsson, P.-U. Renberg, P. Nadel-Turonski

(pp. 1334-1337)
Excitation Functions of Rhenium Isotopes on the natW(d,xn) Reactions and Production of No-carrier-added 186Re [Abstract]
N.S. Ishioka, S. Watanabe, A. Osa, M. Koizumi, H. Matsuoka, T. Sekine

Medical, Environmental, Industrial, Space Technology and Other Applications: Other Applications

(pp. 1338-1343)
New Catalog of Neutron Capture γ Rays for Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis [Abstract]
G.L. Molnár, Zs. Révay, T. Belgya, R.B. Firestone

(pp.1344-1348 )
Industrial Perspective on Nuclear Data [Abstract]
D. Hittner

(pp. 1349-1352)
Nuclear Photoreactions in the Context of a Nuclear Data Review for Radiation Shielding in Advanced Technology Applications [Abstract]
G. Maino, E. Menapace

(pp. 1353-1356)
Nuclear Data Relevant to Detection of Illicit Traffic Materials [Abstract]
B. Király, J. Csikai, R. Dóczi

(pp. 1357-1360)
Priority Nuclear Data Needs for Industrial Applications [Abstract]
F. Storrer, P. Bioux, D. Biron, D. Hittner, J.-M. Palau, B. Roque, J.M. Ruggieri, A. Santamarina, H. Toubon, C. Trakas, G. Willermoz

(pp. 1361-1364)
Monte-Carlo Calculation of the Response Functions for Two Prototype Cosmic Neutron Metrology Instruments [Abstract]
C. Benson, M.J. Joyce, A. Winsby, J. Silvie

(pp. 1365-1368)
Measuring Techniques for Compton, Rayleigh and Fluorescence Cross-Sections Excited by keV Photons: Potential Use for Various Applications [Abstract]
D.V. Rao, T. Takeda, Y. Itai, T. Akatsuka, S.M. Seltzer, J.H. Hubbell, R. Cesareo, A. Brunetti, G.E. Gigante

(pp. 1369-1371)
Development of a New Method of Neutron Activation Analysis with Multiple Gamma-ray Detection - A High-sensitivity and Non-destructive Trace Element Analysis - [Abstract]
M. Oshima, Y. Toh, T. Hayakawa, Y. Hatsukawa, N. Shinohara

(pp. 1372-1375)
Development of a Database for Prompt Gamma-ray Neutron Activation Analysis [Abstract]
H.D. Choi, R.B. Firestone, R.M. Lindstrom, G.L. Molnar, A.V.R. Reddy, V.H. Tan, Zhou Chunmei, R. Paviotti-Corcuera, A. Trkov

(pp. 1376-1379)
Monte Carlo Calculations for Design of An Accelerator Based PGNAA Facility [Abstract]
M.M. Nagadi, A.A. Naqvi, Khateeb-ur-Rehman, S. Kidwai

(pp. 1380-1383)
Calculation of Light-Hadron Induced Single-Event Upset Cross Sections for Semiconductor Memory Devices [Abstract]
T. Ikeuchi, Y. Watanabe, Sun Weili, H. Nakashima

(pp. 1384-1387)
Sensitivity to Nuclear Data in Oil-Well Logging Applications [Abstract]
M. Duijvestijn, A. Hogenbirk, A. Koning

(pp. 1388-1391)
Verification of Oxygen Cross Section Data for Oil Well Logging Applications [Abstract]
I. Kodeli

Standards and Dosimetry

(pp. 1392-1395)
High Energy Neutron Activation Cross Sections [Abstract]
T. Nakamura, E. Kim, Y. Uwamino, Y. Uno, N. Nakao

(pp. 1396-1401)
A New International Evaluation of the Neutron Cross Section Standards [Abstract]
A.D. Carlson

(pp. 1402-1405)
The standard branching ratio 10B(n,α0) to 10B(n,α1) [Abstract]
F.-J. Hambsch, H. Bax

(pp. 1406-1409)
Neutron-Proton Scattering at Intermediate Energies - Recent, New and Future Measurements [Abstract]
C. Johansson, J. Blomgren, A. Ataç, B. Bergenwall, S. Dangtip, K. Elmgren, J. Klug, N. Olsson, S. Pomp, A.V. Prokofiev, T. Rönnqvist, U. Tippawan, O. Jonsson, L. Nilsson, P.-U. Renberg, P. Nadel-Turonski, A. Ringbom

(pp. 1410-1413)
Measurements of Neutron-Induced Fission Cross Sections of Pb and Bi at Intermediate Energies [Abstract]
I.V. Ryzhov, G.A. Tutin, V.P. Eismont, A. Mitryukhin, V. Oplavin, S. Soloviev, H. Condé, N. Olsson, P.-U. Renberg

(pp. 1414-1417)
Measurements of the H(n,n)H Angular Distribution at 10 MeV Neutron Energy [Abstract]
N. Boukharouba, F.B. Bateman, C.E. Brient, A.D. Carlson, S.M. Grimes, R.C. Haight, T.N. Massey, O.A. Wasson

(pp. 1418-1421)
Neutron-Proton Scattering as a Primary Standard in the 100-1000 MeV Region [Abstract]
J. Blomgren, N. Olsson

Nuclear Safety and Nuclear Data

(pp. 1422-1426)
Nuclear Data Measurements, Analysis and Evaluation at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Support of Nuclear Criticality Safety [Abstract]
L.C. Leal, H. Derrien, N.M. Larson, K.H. Guber, T.E. Valentine, R.O. Sayer

(pp. 1427-1432)
The Activities of the International Criticality Safety Benchmark Evaluation Project (ICSBEP) [Abstract]
J.B. Briggs

(pp. 1433-1436)
Reassessment of Nuclear Decay Database Used for Dose Calculation [Abstract]
A. Endo, Y. Yamaguchi

(pp. 1437-1440)
Nuclear Data Libraries and Codes Verification for Neutron Activation Calculation of Radioactive Inventory in WWER Decommissioning Problem [Abstract]
O.T. Grudzevich, D. Klinov, Y. Kurachenko, S. Yavshits

(pp. 1441-1444)
Calculations of k-infinity of Benchmark Experiments for Compositions of U-235 with Various Structural Materials [Abstract]
T. Ivanova, V.N. Koscheev, M.N. Nikolaev, Ye. Rozhikhin, V.V. Sinitsa

(pp. 1445-1448)
Interactive Information System on the Nuclear Physics Properties of Nuclides and Radioactive Decay Chains [Abstract]
V.I. Plyaskin, R.A. Kosilov, G.N. Manturov

Data Dissemination and International Collaborations

(pp. 1449-1453)
International Co-operation in Nuclear Data Evaluation [Abstract]
C. Dunford, A. Hasegawa, R. Jacqmin, C. Nordborg

(pp. 1454-1457)
IAEA Coordinated Research Projects in Nuclear Data [Abstract]
A. Trkov, D.W. Muir

(pp. 1458-1463)
Nuclear Reaction Data Center Network: Past, Present, and Future [Abstract]
V. McLane, M. Kellett, O. Schwerer, S. Maev

(pp. 1464-1467)
Nuclear Data Information-Reference System NDX [Abstract]
A.N. Grebennikov, N.A. Krut'ko, G.G. Farafontov

(pp. 1468-1471)
Exploratory Study of Nuclear Reaction Data Utility Framework of Japan Charged Particle Reaction Data Group (JCPRG) [Abstract]
H. Masui, Y. Ohbayasi, S. Aoyama, A. Ohnishi, K. Kato, M. Chiba

(pp. 1472-1475)
The International Science and Technology Center: Scope of Activities and Scientific Projects in the Field of Nuclear Data [Abstract]
A.B. Klepatsky

(pp. 1476-1479)
Requirements for the Next Generation of Nuclear Databases and Services [Abstract]
V. Pronyaev, D. Winchell, V. Zerkin, D.W. Muir, R. Arcilla

(pp. 1480-1483)
JANIS: A New Software for Nuclear Data Services [Abstract]
A. Nouri, P. Nagel, N. Soppera, A. Ahite, B. Taton, J. Patrouix, F. Lecompagnon, C. Cunin, O. Rioland, L. d'Eurveilher

(pp. 1484-1485)
International Chart Of The Nuclides - 2001 [Abstract]
T.V. Golashvili, V.M. Kupriyanov, A.A. Lbov, A.P. Demidov, V.P. Chechev, Zhao Zhixiang, Zhuang Youxiang, Zhou Chunmei, Huang Xiaolong, M.S. Antony, A. Hasegawa, J. Katakura

Summary Talks

(pp. 1486-1489)
Summary of ND2001 Papers (1): Experiments [Abstract]
M. Baba

(pp. 1490-1492)
Summary talk: Theories, Models and Evaluations [Abstract]
A. Koning

(pp. 1493-1496)
Summary Talk: Files and Applications [Abstract]
P. Obložinský

(pp. 1497-1509)
Author Index

(pp. 1510-1526)