Nuclear Data Center
JENDL Committee

[ Last Update: 2023/01/11 15:25 JST ]

Committee Organization
Total number of members is 79, in fiscal 2022.
* Some members join in multiple groups.
Group Name Number of Members *
Main Committee 20
Subcommittee on Nuclear Data 25
Japanese Nuclear Data Measurement Network 15
Activation Cross Section Evaluation WG 11
Subcommittee on Reactor Constants 45
Reactor Integral Test WG 16
Shielding Integral Test WG 13
WG on Evaluation of Nuclide Generation and Decay Heat 12
Nuclear Data Processing Program WG 14
Subcommittee on International Strategy 14
International Strategy WG 14
Closed Group Name Activity period
ENSDF Group FY 1990-2021
Covariance Data Utilization and Promotion WG FY 2018-20
Covariance Utilization WG FY 2011-17
High Energy Nuclear Data Evaluation WG FY 2010-14
Advisory Subcommittee on Development of JENDL FY 2013

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