Liquid para D

 para-d    LANL       EVAL-APR93 MacFarlane                       
 ref. 1 (1994)        DIST-MAY10                       20100309   
----JENDL-4.0         MATERIAL 12                                 
-----THERMAL NEUTRON SCATTERING DATA                              
------ENDF-6 FORMAT                                               
 The data were taken from ENDF/B-VII.0.                           
 liquid para deuterium at 19k computed with leapr.                
 the scattering law is based on the model of keinert and sax,     
 which includes spin correlations from the young and koppel       
 model, diffusion and local hindered motions from an              
 effective translational scattering law based on a frequency      
 distribution, and intermolecular coherence after vinyard.        
 1. r.e.macfarlane, new thermal neutron scattering files for      
    endf/b-vi release 2, los alamos national laboratory report    
    LA-12639-MS (ENDF-356) March 1994.