Level energy(keV)   Spin & Parity       
       ground state      (1/2-)                
       6.67500E+02       (9/2)+                
       3.52330E+03       (27/2-)               
Mass (The Ame2012 atomic mass evaluation (II) by M.Wang, G.Audi, A.H.Wapstra, F.G.Kondev, M.MacCormick, X.Xu, and B.Pfeiffer Chinese Physics C36 p. 1603-2014, December 2012)
     96.918274106 ± 0.000007507 (amu)  [mass excess = -76127.179 ± 6.993 (keV) ]
Beta-decay energy (calculated as M(A,Z)-M(A,Z+1), taken from Ame2012)
     6821.237 ± 6.707 (keV) 
Strong Gamma-rays from Decay of Y- 97 (Compiled from ENSDF as of March 2011)
  [ Intensities before May 23th of 2013 were values when total intensity of the decay mode was 100(%) and a branching ratio of each decay mode was not multiplied. ]
   γ-ray energy(keV)  Intensity(%)  Decay mode 
        161.2            72.49         B- 
        970.0            38.73         B- 
       1103.0            92.35         B- 
        698.2             5.2          B- 
        840.1             5.2          B- 
       1103.1             3.95         B- 
        791.7            69.37         IT 
        911.4            71.29         IT 
        989.9            55.88         IT 
        667.5             --           IT 
       1996.6             7.42         B- 
       3287.6            18.1          B- 
       3401.3            14.12         B- 
     *: relative, ~ approximate, ? calculated or estimatted 
     >: greater than or equal to, <: less than or equal to  
  [ Intensities; total intensity of the nuclide is 100(%). ]
Decay data(Chart of the Nuclides 2014)
     Decay mode     Half-life 
       B-           1.17 S 3         
       B-           142 MS 8         
       B-           3.75 S 3         
       IT           1.17 S 3         
       IT           142 MS 8         
Evaluated Data Libraries
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Parent Nuclides by Reactions in JENDL-4.0 Fission Yields for Fission Products in JENDL-4.0 Fission Yield Data

   - Neutron-induced Fission Yields (from main actinide nuclides) - Independent Fission Yield -
     Product  Nuclide  Energy   Fission Yield  Uncertainty(1σ)
      Y- 97    U-235   Thermal   5.895170e-03   3.772910e-03 
      Y- 97    U-235   Fast      5.075330e-03   3.248220e-03 
      Y- 97    U-235   High      3.302360e-03   2.113510e-03 
      Y- 97    U-238   Fast      4.232870e-03   2.709040e-03 
      Y- 97    U-238   High      2.927520e-03   1.873620e-03 
      Y- 97   Pu-239   Thermal   5.556510e-03   3.556170e-03 
      Y- 97   Pu-239   Fast      4.974170e-03   3.183460e-03 
      Y- 97   Pu-239   High      2.579290e-03   1.650750e-03 
      Y- 97   Pu-241   Thermal   5.133460e-03   3.285400e-03 
      Y- 97   Pu-241   Fast      4.023130e-03   2.574810e-03 
      Y- 97m   U-235   Thermal   2.546210e-02   1.629580e-02 
      Y- 97m   U-235   Fast      2.513500e-02   1.608640e-02 
      Y- 97m   U-235   High      2.618300e-02   1.675710e-02 
      Y- 97m   U-238   Fast      2.096280e-02   1.341620e-02 
      Y- 97m   U-238   High      2.321100e-02   1.485510e-02 
      Y- 97m  Pu-239   Thermal   2.399940e-02   1.535960e-02 
      Y- 97m  Pu-239   Fast      2.463400e-02   1.576570e-02 
      Y- 97m  Pu-239   High      2.045010e-02   1.308810e-02 
      Y- 97m  Pu-241   Thermal   2.217220e-02   1.419010e-02 
      Y- 97m  Pu-241   Fast      1.992410e-02   1.275140e-02 
    Thermal=0.0253eV, Fast=500keV(Fast reactor spectrum), High=14MeV
   - Neutron-induced Fission Yields (from main actinide nuclides) - Cumulative Fission Yield -
     Product  Nuclide  Energy   Fission Yield  Uncertainty(1σ)
      Y- 97    U-235   Thermal   2.353570e-02   5.413200e-03 
      Y- 97    U-235   Fast      2.929760e-02   1.661140e-02 
      Y- 97    U-235   High      1.239010e-02   2.849730e-03 
      Y- 97    U-238   Fast      3.374980e-02   1.257230e-02 
      Y- 97    U-238   High      2.626770e-02   1.357070e-02 
      Y- 97   Pu-239   Thermal   1.364180e-02   2.182690e-03 
      Y- 97   Pu-239   Fast      1.377930e-02   3.169240e-03 
      Y- 97   Pu-239   High      7.874130e-03   1.811050e-03 
      Y- 97   Pu-241   Thermal   2.033100e-02   3.252960e-03 
      Y- 97   Pu-241   Fast      2.070850e-02   1.295430e-02 
      Y- 97m   U-235   Thermal   2.548800e-02   1.631230e-02 
      Y- 97m   U-235   Fast      2.516840e-02   1.610790e-02 
      Y- 97m   U-235   High      2.619320e-02   1.673230e-02 
      Y- 97m   U-238   Fast      2.103780e-02   1.341150e-02 
      Y- 97m   U-238   High      2.324910e-02   1.483910e-02 
      Y- 97m  Pu-239   Thermal   2.400990e-02   1.536190e-02 
      Y- 97m  Pu-239   Fast      2.464240e-02   1.576800e-02 
      Y- 97m  Pu-239   High      2.045550e-02   1.307960e-02 
      Y- 97m  Pu-241   Thermal   2.219020e-02   1.418790e-02 
      Y- 97m  Pu-241   Fast      1.994900e-02   1.276100e-02 
    Thermal=0.0253eV, Fast=500keV(Fast reactor spectrum), High=14MeV
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