JENDL-3.2 pointwise files

The data files contain the pointwise cross sections at 0 K were reconstructed at 0 K with RESENDD and RECENT (for the Rich-Moore formula) with an accuracy of 0.1 %, and the numbers of energy points were reduced with LINEAR with an accuracy of 0.1 %. Those at 300 K were caculated with SIGMA1. All data given in the original JENDL-3.2 are given in the pointwise files as well as resonance parameters. In the case where no resonance parameters are given in JENDL-3.2, those files are not here and please refer the original JENDL-3.2 file.

JENDL-3.2 pointwise files at 0K (in ENDF-6 format)

JENDL-3.2 pointwise files at 300K (in ENDF-6 format)