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JENDL Actinoid File 2008

JENDL Actinoid File 2008 (JENDL/AC-2008) provides nuclear data of neutron induced nuclear reactions for actinoid nuclides from Ac (Z=89) to Fm (Z=100). Number of nuclides in JENDL/AC-2008 is 79. Energy range of incident neutrons is from 1.0e-5 eV to 20 MeV.
ENDF-6  format
File List by Retrieval  (each nuclide data)
File includes all nuclide data  (archived with TAR-GZIP, 33 MB)
O. Iwamoto et al., “JENDL Actinoid File 2008,” J. Nucl. Sci. Technol. 46(5), 510-528 (May 2009)
MAT numbers of Es-254m and Es-255 were changed from 9914 to 9915 and from 9915 to 9916, respectively. [2008/04/01]
Pa-233 9137

MF=1, MT=455: Data are not correct. [2008/12/01]

Np-237 9346

MF=2, MT=251: An extra record at 0.0 eV exists in the URP data for each J state. [2009/03/19]

MF=8, MT=16: Product of the alpha decay is not correct. [2009/07/06]

Cf-253 9864

MF=1, MT=452, 455, 456: The same data as Cf-248 are given. [2008/11/25]

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