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JENDL Fusion File 99

JENDL Fusion File 99 (JENDL/F-99) was released in 1999. The data includes the double-differential cross sections (DDXs) of secondary neutrons have been evaluated for 79 isotopes and 13 natural elements ranging from H to Bi to improve the accuracy of predictions for the neutronics calculations in the D-T thermonuclear fusion applications. In addition, the DDXs for emission of charged particles (p, d, t, He-3 and α-particle) were given for H-2, Be-9 and elements heavier or equal to F.
ENDF-6  format
File List by Retrieval  (each nuclide data)
File includes all nuclide data  (archived with TAR-GZIP, 11.8 MB)
S. Chiba et al., “JENDL Fusion File 99,” J. Nucl. Sci. Technol. 39(2), 187-194 (Feb 2002)

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