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JENDL FP Decay Data File 2011

After the release of JENDL FP Decay Data File 2000 (JENDL/FPD-2000) in 2000, new measured data have been accumulated and new TAGS (Total Absorption Gamma-ray Spectroscopy) data have been published. This new release is to reflect such new measured and available data. The file contains the decay data of 1284 FP nuclides (of which 142 nuclides are stable). In the compilation of the decay data, data of some nuclides were newly added and those of some nuclides were deleted.
ENDF-6  format
File List by Retrieval  (each nuclide data)
File includes all nuclide data  (archived with TAR-GZIP, 2.3 MB)
2013/10/24 :   For Ag-115 (ground state), RFS of the first line was fixed.
*) The old file has been replaced with the updated file in the “Retrieval” and archived file on the [Download] above, and the archived file includes the old file.
J. Katakura, “JENDL FP Decay Data File 2011 and Fission Yields Data File 2011,” JAEA-Data/Code 2011-025 (Mar 2012)

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