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Production cross-sections of residual nuclei
stored in JENDL-4.0/HE

The table below lists the production cross-sections of residual nuclei stored in the JENDL-4.0 High Energy File (JENDL-4.0/HE). They are generated by the product of MF=3, MT=5 (reaction cross-section) and MF=6, MT=5 (relative production of residual nucleus). In JENDL-4.0/HE, MT=5 is not used to describe the neutron-induced cross-sections below 20 MeV. Therefore, neutron-induced data in the energy range are not included here. As for these data, please refer to the original ones in JENDL-4.0/HE or JENDL-4.0 where cross-sections for each reaction channel are given. Besides, the lower limit of incident energies of proton-induced data is typically 1 MeV. At the incident energies where data points are not given explicitly in the table, the cross sections can be obtained by linear-linear interpolation which is defined in the original file.
target neutron incident proton incident
C-12  n on C-12  p on C-12 
C-13  n on C-13  p on C-13 
N-14  n on N-14  p on N-14 
N-15  n on N-15  p on N-15 
O-16  n on O-16  p on O-16 
O-18  n on O-18  p on O-18 
F-19  n on F-19  p on F-19 
Na-23  n on Na-23  p on Na-23 
Mg-24  n on Mg-24  p on Mg-24 
Mg-25  n on Mg-25  p on Mg-25 
Mg-26  n on Mg-26  p on Mg-26 
Al-27  n on Al-27  p on Al-27 
Si-28  n on Si-28  p on Si-28 
Si-29  n on Si-29  p on Si-29 
Si-30  n on Si-30  p on Si-30 
P-31  n on P-31  p on P-31 
Cl-35  n on Cl-35  p on Cl-35 
Cl-37  n on Cl-37  p on Cl-37 
Ar-36  n on Ar-36  p on Ar-36 
Ar-38  n on Ar-38  p on Ar-38 
Ar-40  n on Ar-40  p on Ar-40 
K-39  n on K-39  p on K-39 
K-41  n on K-41  p on K-41 
Ca-40  n on Ca-40  p on Ca-40 
Ca-42  n on Ca-42  p on Ca-42 
Ca-43  n on Ca-43  p on Ca-43 
Ca-44  n on Ca-44  p on Ca-44 
Ca-46  n on Ca-46  p on Ca-46 
Ca-48  n on Ca-48  p on Ca-48 
Ti-46  n on Ti-46  p on Ti-46 
Ti-47  n on Ti-47  p on Ti-47 
Ti-48  n on Ti-48  p on Ti-48 
Ti-49  n on Ti-49  p on Ti-49 
Ti-50  n on Ti-50  p on Ti-50 
V-50  n on V-50  p on V-50 
V-51  n on V-51  p on V-51 
Cr-50  n on Cr-50  p on Cr-50 
Cr-52  n on Cr-52  p on Cr-52 
Cr-53  n on Cr-53  p on Cr-53 
Cr-54  n on Cr-54  p on Cr-54 
Mn-55  n on Mn-55  p on Mn-55 
Fe-54  n on Fe-54  p on Fe-54 
Fe-56  n on Fe-56  p on Fe-56 
Fe-57  n on Fe-57  p on Fe-57 
Fe-58  n on Fe-58  p on Fe-58 
Co-59  n on Co-59  p on Co-59 
Ni-58  n on Ni-58  p on Ni-58 
Ni-60  n on Ni-60  p on Ni-60 
Ni-61  n on Ni-61  p on Ni-61 
Ni-62  n on Ni-62  p on Ni-62 
Ni-64  n on Ni-64  p on Ni-64 
Cu-63  n on Cu-63  p on Cu-63 
Cu-65  n on Cu-65  p on Cu-65 
Zn-64  n on Zn-64  p on Zn-64 
Zn-66  n on Zn-66  p on Zn-66 
Zn-67  n on Zn-67  p on Zn-67 
Zn-70  n on Zn-70  p on Zn-70 
Ga-69  n on Ga-69  p on Ga-69 
Ga-71  n on Ga-71  p on Ga-71 
Ge-70  n on Ge-70  p on Ge-70 
Ge-72  n on Ge-72  p on Ge-72 
Ge-73  n on Ge-73  p on Ge-73 
Ge-74  n on Ge-74  p on Ge-74 
Ge-76  n on Ge-76  p on Ge-76 
As-75  n on As-75  p on As-75 
Se-74  n on Se-74  p on Se-74 
Se-76  n on Se-76  p on Se-76 
Se-77  n on Se-77  p on Se-77 
Se-78  n on Se-78  p on Se-78 
Se-80  n on Se-80  p on Se-80 
Se-82  n on Se-82  p on Se-82 
Zr-90  n on Zr-90  p on Zr-90 
Zr-91  n on Zr-91  p on Zr-91 
Zr-92  n on Zr-92  p on Zr-92 
Zr-94  n on Zr-94  p on Zr-94 
Zr-96  n on Zr-96  p on Zr-96 
Nb-93  n on Nb-93  p on Nb-93 
Mo-92  n on Mo-92  p on Mo-92 
Mo-94  n on Mo-94  p on Mo-94 
Mo-95  n on Mo-95  p on Mo-95 
Mo-96  n on Mo-96  p on Mo-96 
Mo-97  n on Mo-97  p on Mo-97 
Mo-98  n on Mo-98  p on Mo-98 
Mo-100  n on Mo-100  p on Mo-100 
In-113  n on In-113  p on In-113 
In-115  n on In-115  p on In-115 
Sn-112  n on Sn-112  p on Sn-112 
Sn-114  n on Sn-114  p on Sn-114 
Sn-115  n on Sn-115  p on Sn-115 
Sn-116  n on Sn-116  p on Sn-116 
Sn-117  n on Sn-117  p on Sn-117 
Sn-118  n on Sn-118  p on Sn-118 
Sn-119  n on Sn-119  p on Sn-119 
Sn-120  n on Sn-120  p on Sn-120 
Sn-122  n on Sn-122  p on Sn-122 
Sn-124  n on Sn-124  p on Sn-124 
I-127  n on I-127  p on I-127 
Cs-133  n on Cs-133  p on Cs-133 
Ta-181  n on Ta-181  p on Ta-181 
W-180  n on W-180  p on W-180 
W-182  n on W-182  p on W-182 
W-183  n on W-183  p on W-183 
W-184  n on W-184  p on W-184 
W-186  n on W-186  p on W-186 
Au-197  n on Au-197  p on Au-197 
Hg-196  n on Hg-196  p on Hg-196 
Hg-198  n on Hg-198  p on Hg-198 
Hg-199  n on Hg-199  p on Hg-199 
Hg-200  n on Hg-200  p on Hg-200 
Hg-201  n on Hg-201  p on Hg-201 
Hg-202  n on Hg-202  p on Hg-202 
Hg-204  n on Hg-204  p on Hg-204 
Pb-204  n on Pb-204  p on Pb-204 
Pb-206  n on Pb-206  p on Pb-206 
Pb-207  n on Pb-207  p on Pb-207 
Pb-208  n on Pb-208  p on Pb-208 
Bi-209  n on Bi-209  p on Bi-209 
U-235  n on U-235  p on U-235 
U-238  n on U-238  p on U-238 
Np-237  n on Np-237  p on Np-237 
Pu-238  n on Pu-238  p on Pu-238 
Pu-239  n on Pu-239  p on Pu-239 
Pu-240  n on Pu-240  p on Pu-240 
Pu-241  n on Pu-241  p on Pu-241 
Pu-242  n on Pu-242  p on Pu-242 
Am-241  n on Am-241  p on Am-241 
Am-242  n on Am-242  p on Am-242 
Am-242m  n on Am-242m  p on Am-242m 

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