Nuclear Data Center
Update 12 (upd-12)
Correction of JENDL-5 Neutron sublibrary

· The second meta-state in MF10/MT4 was missing in MF8/MT4.
· The excitation energy in MF8 was different from that in MF10.
· Nuclide produced in reaction was incorrect in MF8.
· Reaction designated in MF8 was missing in the corrsponding MF.
28 Nuclides
File up to 200 MeV
Pointwise data at 0K
Pointwise data at 300K
Data up to 20 MeV (u20)
File for activation (act)
· The second meta-state in MF10/MT4 was not provided in MF8/MT4 for Sb-124 and Sb-126.
· The excitation energy given in MF8 was inconsistent with the value (QM-QI) in MF10 for Te-122 and Te-132.
· Nuclide produced in reaction was mistakenly provided in MF8 of only activation file for 12 nuclides (Mo-98, Mo-99, Ru-102, Pt-189, Pt-190, Pt-191, Hg-202, Hg-203, Hg-204, Tl-203, Tl-204, Tl-205).
· Reaction (MT number) designated in MF8 was not included in either MF3 or MF10 for 12 nuclides (Li-7, S-34, Sc-45, Cd-106, Cd-113, Xe-133, Ce-142, Ce-143, Yb-168, Yb-170, Yb-171, Yb-172).
These four problems were fixed.

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