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JENDL FP Decay Data File 2000

JENDL FP Decay Data File 2000 (JENDL/FPD-2000) includes the decay data for 1229 fission product nuclides, 142 stable and 1087 unstable nuclides. The data included for a nuclide are decay modes, their Q values and branching ratios, average decay energy values of β-rays, γ-rays and α-particles and their spectral data.
ENDF-6  format
File List by Retrieval  (each nuclide data)
File includes all nuclide data  (archived with TAR-GZIP, 2.1 MB)
Jun. 2000
The initial version was released.

Feb. 2, 2016
  • 6* NDK of Br-87, Sr-94, Ag-116m, Ag-118m, and In-119m were corrected.
  • Documentation in MF=1, MT=451 of Zr-90m was modified.

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  • [Reference]
    J. Katakura et al., “JENDL FP Decay Data File 2000,” JAERI 1343 (Jul 2001)

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