Table of Isotope Production Cross Sections

(ACSELAM Library)

TOTAL : total isotope production cross section.
(total reaction excluding elastic and fission)
N GAS: total neutron production cross section.
GAM GAS: total gamma-ray production cross section.
P GAS: total proton production cross section.
D GAS: total deuteron production cross section.
T GAS: total triton production cross section.
HE-3 GAS: total He-3 production cross section.
A GAS: total alpha production cross section.
XX-NN: isotope production cross section.

Table 1    Target nuclide identifier : [MB] unit is milli barn

No. nuclide No. nuclide No. nuclide No. nuclide
1 H-1  35 Ti-46  69 Ge-76  103 Sn-117
2 He-4  36 Ti-47  70 As-75  104 Sn-118
3 Li-7  37 Ti-48  71 Se-76  105 Sn-119
4 Be-9  38 Ti-49  72 Se-77  106 Sn-120
5 B-10  39 Ti-50  73 Se-78  107 Sn-122
6 B-11  40 V-51  74 Se-80  108 Sn-124
7 C-12  41 Cr-50  75 Se-82  109 Sb-121
8 C-13  42 Cr-52  76 Br-79  110 Sb-123
9 N-14  43 Cr-53  77 Br-81  111 Te-125
10 N-15  44 Cr-54  78 Kr-84  112 Te-126
11 O-16  45 Mn-55  79 Zr-90  113 Te-128
12 O-17  46 Fe-54  80 Nb-93  114 Te-130
13 O-18  47 Fe-56  81 Mo-92  115 I-127 
14 F-19  48 Fe-57  82 Mo-94  116 Xe-132
15 Ne-20  49 Fe-58  83 Mo-95  117 Cs-133
16 Na-23  50 Co-59  84 Mo-96  118 Ba-135
17 Mg-24  51 Ni-58  85 Mo-97  119 Ba-136
18 Mg-25  52 Ni-60  86 Mo-98  120 Ba-137
19 Mg-26  53 Ni-61  87 Mo-100  121 Ba-138
20 Al-27  54 Ni-62  88 Pd-104  122 Ta-181
21 Si-28  55 Ni-64  89 Pd-105  123 W-182 
22 Si-29  56 Cu-63  90 Pd-106  124 W-183 
23 Si-30  57 Cu-65  91 Pd-108  125 W-184 
24 P-31  58 Zn-64  92 Pd-110  126 W-186 
25 S-32  59 Zn-66  93 Ag-107  127 Pt-194
26 S-34  60 Zn-67  94 Ag-109  128 Pt-195
27 Cl-35  61 Zn-68  95 Cd-112  129 Pt-196
28 Cl-37  62 Zn-70  96 Cd-114  130 Au-197
29 Ar-40  63 Ga-69  97 In-113  131 Hg-200
30 K-39  64 Ga-71  98 In-115  132 Hg-202
31 K-41  65 Ge-70  99 Sn-112  133 Pb-206
32 Ca-40  66 Ge-72  100 Sn-114  134 Pb-207
33 Ca-44  67 Ge-73  101 Sn-115  135 Pb-208
34 Sc-45  68 Ge-74  102 Sn-116  136 Bi-209

Data Table 1

target neutron incident proton incident deuteron incident
He-4  n on He-4  p on He-4  d on He-4 
Li-7  n on Li-7  p on Li-7  d on Li-7 
Be-9  n on Be-9  p on Be-9  d on Be-9 
B-10  n on B-10  p on B-10  d on B-10 
B-11  n on B-11  p on B-11  d on B-11 
C-12  n on C-12  p on C-12  d on C-12 
C-13  n on C-13  p on C-13  d on C-13 
N-14  n on N-14  p on N-14  d on N-14 
N-15  n on N-15  p on N-15  d on N-15 
O-16  n on O-16  p on O-16  d on O-16 
O-17  n on O-17  p on O-17  d on O-17 
O-18  n on O-18  p on O-18  d on O-18 
F-19  n on F-19  p on F-19  d on F-19 
Ne-20  n on Ne-20  p on Ne-20  d on Ne-20 
Na-23  n on Na-23  p on Na-23  d on Na-23 
Mg-24  n on Mg-24  p on Mg-24  d on Mg-24 
Mg-25  n on Mg-25  p on Mg-25  d on Mg-25 
Mg-26  n on Mg-26  p on Mg-26  d on Mg-26 
Al-27  n on Al-27  p on Al-27  d on Al-27 
Si-28  n on Si-28  p on Si-28  d on Si-28 
Si-29  n on Si-29  p on Si-29  d on Si-29 
Si-30  n on Si-30  p on Si-30  d on Si-30 
P-31  n on P-31  p on P-31  d on P-31 
S-32  n on S-32  p on S-32  d on S-32 
S-34  n on S-34  p on S-34  d on S-34 
Cl-35  n on Cl-35  p on Cl-35  d on Cl-35 
Cl-37  n on Cl-37  p on Cl-37  d on Cl-37 
Ar-40  n on Ar-40  p on Ar-40  d on Ar-40 
K-39  n on K-39  p on K-39  d on K-39 
K-41  n on K-41  p on K-41  d on K-41 
Ca-40  n on Ca-40  p on Ca-40  d on Ca-40 
Ca-44  n on Ca-44  p on Ca-44  d on Ca-44 
Sc-45  n on Sc-45  p on Sc-45  d on Sc-45 
Ti-46  n on Ti-46  p on Ti-46  d on Ti-46 
Ti-47  n on Ti-47  p on Ti-47  d on Ti-47 
Ti-48  n on Ti-48  p on Ti-48  d on Ti-48 
Ti-49  n on Ti-49  p on Ti-49  d on Ti-49 
Ti-50  n on Ti-50  p on Ti-50  d on Ti-50 
V-51  n on V-51  p on V-51  d on V-51 
Cr-50  n on Cr-50  p on Cr-50  d on Cr-50 
Cr-52  n on Cr-52  p on Cr-52  d on Cr-52 
Cr-53  n on Cr-53  p on Cr-53  d on Cr-53 
Cr-54  n on Cr-54  p on Cr-54  d on Cr-54 
Mn-55  n on Mn-55  p on Mn-55  d on Mn-55 
Fe-54  n on Fe-54  p on Fe-54  d on Fe-54 
Fe-56  n on Fe-56  p on Fe-56  d on Fe-56 
Fe-57  n on Fe-57  p on Fe-57  d on Fe-57 
Fe-58  n on Fe-58  p on Fe-58  d on Fe-58 
Co-59  n on Co-59  p on Co-59  d on Co-59 
Ni-58  n on Ni-58  p on Ni-58  d on Ni-58 
Ni-60  n on Ni-60  p on Ni-60  d on Ni-60 
Ni-61  n on Ni-61  p on Ni-61  d on Ni-61 
Ni-62  n on Ni-62  p on Ni-62  d on Ni-62 
Ni-64  n on Ni-64  p on Ni-64  d on Ni-64 
Cu-63  n on Cu-63  p on Cu-63  d on Cu-63 
Cu-65  n on Cu-65  p on Cu-65  d on Cu-65 
Zn-64  n on Zn-64  p on Zn-64  d on Zn-64 
Zn-66  n on Zn-66  p on Zn-66  d on Zn-66 
Zn-67  n on Zn-67  p on Zn-67  d on Zn-67 
Zn-68  n on Zn-68  p on Zn-68  d on Zn-68 
Zn-70  n on Zn-70  p on Zn-70  d on Zn-70 
Ga-69  n on Ga-69  p on Ga-69  d on Ga-69 
Ga-71  n on Ga-71  p on Ga-71  d on Ga-71 
Ge-70  n on Ge-70  p on Ge-70  d on Ge-70 
Ge-72  n on Ge-72  p on Ge-72  d on Ge-72 
Ge-73  n on Ge-73  p on Ge-73  d on Ge-73 
Ge-74  n on Ge-74  p on Ge-74  d on Ge-74 
Ge-76  n on Ge-76  p on Ge-76  d on Ge-76 
As-75  n on As-75  p on As-75  d on As-75 
Se-76  n on Se-76  p on Se-76  d on Se-76 
Se-77  n on Se-77  p on Se-77  d on Se-77 
Se-78  n on Se-78  p on Se-78  d on Se-78 
Se-80  n on Se-80  p on Se-80  d on Se-80 
Se-82  n on Se-82  p on Se-82  d on Se-82 
Br-79  n on Br-79  p on Br-79  d on Br-79 
Br-81  n on Br-81  p on Br-81  d on Br-81 
Kr-84  n on Kr-84  p on Kr-84  d on Kr-84 
Zr-90  n on Zr-90  p on Zr-90  d on Zr-90 
Nb-93  n on Nb-93  p on Nb-93  d on Nb-93 
Mo-92  n on Mo-92  p on Mo-92  d on Mo-92 
Mo-94  n on Mo-94  p on Mo-94  d on Mo-94 
Mo-95  n on Mo-95  p on Mo-95  d on Mo-95 
Mo-96  n on Mo-96  p on Mo-96  d on Mo-96 
Mo-97  n on Mo-97  p on Mo-97  d on Mo-97 
Mo-98  n on Mo-98  p on Mo-98  d on Mo-98 
Mo-100  n on Mo-100  p on Mo-100  d on Mo-100 
Pd-104  n on Pd-104  p on Pd-104  d on Pd-104 
Pd-105  n on Pd-105  p on Pd-105  d on Pd-105 
Pd-106  n on Pd-106  p on Pd-106  d on Pd-106 
Pd-108  n on Pd-108  p on Pd-108  d on Pd-108 
Pd-110  n on Pd-110  p on Pd-110  d on Pd-110 
Ag-107  n on Ag-107  p on Ag-107  d on Ag-107 
Ag-109  n on Ag-109  p on Ag-109  d on Ag-109 
Cd-112  n on Cd-112  p on Cd-112  d on Cd-112 
Cd-114  n on Cd-114  p on Cd-114  d on Cd-114 
In-113  n on In-113  p on In-113  d on In-113 
In-115  n on In-115  p on In-115  d on In-115 
Sn-112  n on Sn-112  p on Sn-112  d on Sn-112 
Sn-114  n on Sn-114  p on Sn-114  d on Sn-114 
Sn-115  n on Sn-115  p on Sn-115  d on Sn-115 
Sn-116  n on Sn-116  p on Sn-116  d on Sn-116 
Sn-117  n on Sn-117  p on Sn-117  d on Sn-117 
Sn-118  n on Sn-118  p on Sn-118  d on Sn-118 
Sn-119  n on Sn-119  p on Sn-119  d on Sn-119 
Sn-120  n on Sn-120  p on Sn-120  d on Sn-120 
Sn-122  n on Sn-122  p on Sn-122  d on Sn-122 
Sn-124  n on Sn-124  p on Sn-124  d on Sn-124 
Sb-121  n on Sb-121  p on Sb-121  d on Sb-121 
Sb-123  n on Sb-123  p on Sb-123  d on Sb-123 
Te-125  n on Te-125  p on Te-125  d on Te-125 
Te-126  n on Te-126  p on Te-126  d on Te-126 
Te-128  n on Te-128  p on Te-128  d on Te-128 
Te-130  n on Te-130  p on Te-130  d on Te-130 
I-127  n on I-127  p on I-127  d on I-127 
Xe-132  n on Xe-132  p on Xe-132  d on Xe-132 
Cs-133  n on Cs-133  p on Cs-133  d on Cs-133 
Ba-135  n on Ba-135  p on Ba-135  d on Ba-135 
Ba-136  n on Ba-136  p on Ba-136  d on Ba-136 
Ba-137  n on Ba-137  p on Ba-137  d on Ba-137 
Ba-138  n on Ba-138  p on Ba-138  d on Ba-138 
Ta-181  n on Ta-181  p on Ta-181  d on Ta-181 
W-182  n on W-182  p on W-182  d on W-182 
W-183  n on W-183  p on W-183  d on W-183 
W-184  n on W-184  p on W-184  d on W-184 
W-186  n on W-186  p on W-186  d on W-186 
Pt-194  n on Pt-194  p on Pt-194  d on Pt-194 
Pt-195  n on Pt-195  p on Pt-195  d on Pt-195 
Pt-196  n on Pt-196  p on Pt-196  d on Pt-196 
Au-197  n on Au-197  p on Au-197  d on Au-197 
Hg-200  n on Hg-200  p on Hg-200  d on Hg-200 
Hg-202  n on Hg-202  p on Hg-202  d on Hg-202 
Pb-206  n on Pb-206  p on Pb-206  d on Pb-206 
Pb-207  n on Pb-207  p on Pb-207  d on Pb-207 
Pb-208  n on Pb-208  p on Pb-208  d on Pb-208 
Bi-209  n on Bi-209  p on Bi-209  d on Bi-209 

Data Table 2

target alpha incident C-12 incident N-14 incident
H-1  alpha on H-1  C-12 on H-1  N-14 on H-1 
He-4  alpha on He-4  C-12 on He-4  N-14 on He-4 
Li-7  alpha on Li-7  C-12 on Li-7  N-14 on Li-7 
Be-9  alpha on Be-9  C-12 on Be-9  N-14 on Be-9 
B-10  alpha on B-10  C-12 on B-10  N-14 on B-10 
B-11  alpha on B-11  C-12 on B-11  N-14 on B-11 
C-12  alpha on C-12  C-12 on C-12  N-14 on C-12 
C-13  alpha on C-13  C-12 on C-13  N-14 on C-13 
N-14  alpha on N-14  C-12 on N-14  N-14 on N-14 
N-15  alpha on N-15  C-12 on N-15  N-14 on N-15 
O-16  alpha on O-16  C-12 on O-16  N-14 on O-16 
O-17  alpha on O-17  C-12 on O-17  N-14 on O-17 
O-18  alpha on O-18  C-12 on O-18  N-14 on O-18 
F-19  alpha on F-19  C-12 on F-19  N-14 on F-19 
Ne-20  alpha on Ne-20  C-12 on Ne-20  N-14 on Ne-20 
Na-23  alpha on Na-23  C-12 on Na-23  N-14 on Na-23 
Mg-24  alpha on Mg-24  C-12 on Mg-24  N-14 on Mg-24 
Mg-25  alpha on Mg-25  C-12 on Mg-25  N-14 on Mg-25 
Mg-26  alpha on Mg-26  C-12 on Mg-26  N-14 on Mg-26 
Al-27  alpha on Al-27  C-12 on Al-27  N-14 on Al-27 
Si-28  alpha on Si-28  C-12 on Si-28  N-14 on Si-28 
Si-29  alpha on Si-29  C-12 on Si-29  N-14 on Si-29 
Si-30  alpha on Si-30  C-12 on Si-30  N-14 on Si-30 
P-31  alpha on P-31  C-12 on P-31  N-14 on P-31 
S-32  alpha on S-32  C-12 on S-32  N-14 on S-32 
S-34  alpha on S-34  C-12 on S-34  N-14 on S-34 
Cl-35  alpha on Cl-35  C-12 on Cl-35  N-14 on Cl-35 
Cl-37  alpha on Cl-37  C-12 on Cl-37  N-14 on Cl-37 
Ar-40  alpha on Ar-40  C-12 on Ar-40  N-14 on Ar-40 
K-39  alpha on K-39  C-12 on K-39  N-14 on K-39 
K-41  alpha on K-41  C-12 on K-41  N-14 on K-41 
Ca-40  alpha on Ca-40  C-12 on Ca-40  N-14 on Ca-40 
Ca-44  alpha on Ca-44  C-12 on Ca-44  N-14 on Ca-44 
Sc-45  alpha on Sc-45  C-12 on Sc-45  N-14 on Sc-45 
Ti-46  alpha on Ti-46  C-12 on Ti-46  N-14 on Ti-46 
Ti-47  alpha on Ti-47  C-12 on Ti-47  N-14 on Ti-47 
Ti-48  alpha on Ti-48  C-12 on Ti-48  N-14 on Ti-48 
Ti-49  alpha on Ti-49  C-12 on Ti-49  N-14 on Ti-49 
Ti-50  alpha on Ti-50  C-12 on Ti-50  N-14 on Ti-50 
V-51  alpha on V-51  C-12 on V-51  N-14 on V-51 
Cr-50  alpha on Cr-50  C-12 on Cr-50  N-14 on Cr-50 
Cr-52  alpha on Cr-52  C-12 on Cr-52  N-14 on Cr-52 
Cr-53  alpha on Cr-53  C-12 on Cr-53  N-14 on Cr-53 
Cr-54  alpha on Cr-54  C-12 on Cr-54  N-14 on Cr-54 
Mn-55  alpha on Mn-55  C-12 on Mn-55  N-14 on Mn-55 
Fe-54  alpha on Fe-54  C-12 on Fe-54  N-14 on Fe-54 
Fe-56  alpha on Fe-56  C-12 on Fe-56  N-14 on Fe-56 
Fe-57  alpha on Fe-57  C-12 on Fe-57  N-14 on Fe-57 
Fe-58  alpha on Fe-58  C-12 on Fe-58  N-14 on Fe-58 
Co-59  alpha on Co-59  C-12 on Co-59  N-14 on Co-59 
Ni-58  alpha on Ni-58  C-12 on Ni-58  N-14 on Ni-58 
Ni-60  alpha on Ni-60  C-12 on Ni-60  N-14 on Ni-60 
Ni-61  alpha on Ni-61  C-12 on Ni-61  N-14 on Ni-61 
Ni-62  alpha on Ni-62  C-12 on Ni-62  N-14 on Ni-62 
Ni-64  alpha on Ni-64  C-12 on Ni-64  N-14 on Ni-64 
Cu-63  alpha on Cu-63  C-12 on Cu-63  N-14 on Cu-63 
Cu-65  alpha on Cu-65  C-12 on Cu-65  N-14 on Cu-65 
Zn-64  alpha on Zn-64  C-12 on Zn-64  N-14 on Zn-64 
Zn-66  alpha on Zn-66  C-12 on Zn-66  N-14 on Zn-66 
Zn-67  alpha on Zn-67  C-12 on Zn-67  N-14 on Zn-67 
Zn-68  alpha on Zn-68  C-12 on Zn-68  N-14 on Zn-68 
Zn-70  alpha on Zn-70  C-12 on Zn-70  N-14 on Zn-70 
Ga-69  alpha on Ga-69  C-12 on Ga-69  N-14 on Ga-69 
Ga-71  alpha on Ga-71  C-12 on Ga-71  N-14 on Ga-71 
Ge-70  alpha on Ge-70  C-12 on Ge-70  N-14 on Ge-70 
Ge-72  alpha on Ge-72  C-12 on Ge-72  N-14 on Ge-72 
Ge-73  alpha on Ge-73  C-12 on Ge-73  N-14 on Ge-73 
Ge-74  alpha on Ge-74  C-12 on Ge-74  N-14 on Ge-74 
Ge-76  alpha on Ge-76  C-12 on Ge-76  N-14 on Ge-76 
As-75  alpha on As-75  C-12 on As-75  N-14 on As-75 
Se-76  alpha on Se-76  C-12 on Se-76  N-14 on Se-76 
Se-77  alpha on Se-77  C-12 on Se-77  N-14 on Se-77 
Se-78  alpha on Se-78  C-12 on Se-78  N-14 on Se-78 
Se-80  alpha on Se-80  C-12 on Se-80  N-14 on Se-80 
Se-82  alpha on Se-82  C-12 on Se-82  N-14 on Se-82 
Br-79  alpha on Br-79  C-12 on Br-79  N-14 on Br-79 
Br-81  alpha on Br-81  C-12 on Br-81  N-14 on Br-81 
Kr-84  alpha on Kr-84  C-12 on Kr-84  N-14 on Kr-84 
Zr-90  alpha on Zr-90  C-12 on Zr-90  N-14 on Zr-90 
Nb-93  alpha on Nb-93  C-12 on Nb-93  N-14 on Nb-93 
Mo-92  alpha on Mo-92  C-12 on Mo-92  N-14 on Mo-92 
Mo-94  alpha on Mo-94  C-12 on Mo-94  N-14 on Mo-94 
Mo-95  alpha on Mo-95  C-12 on Mo-95  N-14 on Mo-95 
Mo-96  alpha on Mo-96  C-12 on Mo-96  N-14 on Mo-96 
Mo-97  alpha on Mo-97  C-12 on Mo-97  N-14 on Mo-97 
Mo-98  alpha on Mo-98  C-12 on Mo-98  N-14 on Mo-98 
Mo-100  alpha on Mo-100  C-12 on Mo-100  N-14 on Mo-100 
Pd-104  alpha on Pd-104  C-12 on Pd-104  N-14 on Pd-104 
Pd-105  alpha on Pd-105  C-12 on Pd-105  N-14 on Pd-105 
Pd-106  alpha on Pd-106  C-12 on Pd-106  N-14 on Pd-106 
Pd-108  alpha on Pd-108  C-12 on Pd-108  N-14 on Pd-108 
Pd-110  alpha on Pd-110  C-12 on Pd-110  N-14 on Pd-110 
Ag-107  alpha on Ag-107  C-12 on Ag-107  N-14 on Ag-107 
Ag-109  alpha on Ag-109  C-12 on Ag-109  N-14 on Ag-109 
Cd-112  alpha on Cd-112  C-12 on Cd-112  N-14 on Cd-112 
Cd-114  alpha on Cd-114  C-12 on Cd-114  N-14 on Cd-114 
In-113  alpha on In-113  C-12 on In-113  N-14 on In-113 
In-115  alpha on In-115  C-12 on In-115  N-14 on In-115 
Sn-112  alpha on Sn-112  C-12 on Sn-112  N-14 on Sn-112 
Sn-114  alpha on Sn-114  C-12 on Sn-114  N-14 on Sn-114 
Sn-115  alpha on Sn-115  C-12 on Sn-115  N-14 on Sn-115 
Sn-116  alpha on Sn-116  C-12 on Sn-116  N-14 on Sn-116 
Sn-117  alpha on Sn-117  C-12 on Sn-117  N-14 on Sn-117 
Sn-118  alpha on Sn-118  C-12 on Sn-118  N-14 on Sn-118 
Sn-119  alpha on Sn-119  C-12 on Sn-119  N-14 on Sn-119 
Sn-120  alpha on Sn-120  C-12 on Sn-120  N-14 on Sn-120 
Sn-122  alpha on Sn-122  C-12 on Sn-122  N-14 on Sn-122 
Sn-124  alpha on Sn-124  C-12 on Sn-124  N-14 on Sn-124 
Sb-121  alpha on Sb-121  C-12 on Sb-121  N-14 on Sb-121 
Sb-123  alpha on Sb-123  C-12 on Sb-123  N-14 on Sb-123 
Te-125  alpha on Te-125  C-12 on Te-125  N-14 on Te-125 
Te-126  alpha on Te-126  C-12 on Te-126  N-14 on Te-126 
Te-128  alpha on Te-128  C-12 on Te-128  N-14 on Te-128 
Te-130  alpha on Te-130  C-12 on Te-130  N-14 on Te-130 
I-127  alpha on I-127  C-12 on I-127  N-14 on I-127 
Xe-132  alpha on Xe-132  C-12 on Xe-132  N-14 on Xe-132 
Cs-133  alpha on Cs-133  C-12 on Cs-133  N-14 on Cs-133 
Ba-135  alpha on Ba-135  C-12 on Ba-135  N-14 on Ba-135 
Ba-136  alpha on Ba-136  C-12 on Ba-136  N-14 on Ba-136 
Ba-137  alpha on Ba-137  C-12 on Ba-137  N-14 on Ba-137 
Ba-138  alpha on Ba-138  C-12 on Ba-138  N-14 on Ba-138 
Ta-181  alpha on Ta-181  C-12 on Ta-181  N-14 on Ta-181 
W-182  alpha on W-182  C-12 on W-182  N-14 on W-182 
W-183  alpha on W-183  C-12 on W-183  N-14 on W-183 
W-184  alpha on W-184  C-12 on W-184  N-14 on W-184 
W-186  alpha on W-186  C-12 on W-186  N-14 on W-186 
Pt-194  alpha on Pt-194  C-12 on Pt-194  N-14 on Pt-194 
Pt-195  alpha on Pt-195  C-12 on Pt-195  N-14 on Pt-195 
Pt-196  alpha on Pt-196  C-12 on Pt-196  N-14 on Pt-196 
Au-197  alpha on Au-197  C-12 on Au-197  N-14 on Au-197 
Hg-200  alpha on Hg-200  C-12 on Hg-200  N-14 on Hg-200 
Hg-202  alpha on Hg-202  C-12 on Hg-202  N-14 on Hg-202 
Pb-206  alpha on Pb-206  C-12 on Pb-206  N-14 on Pb-206 
Pb-207  alpha on Pb-207  C-12 on Pb-207  N-14 on Pb-207 
Pb-208  alpha on Pb-208  C-12 on Pb-208  N-14 on Pb-208 
Bi-209  alpha on Bi-209  C-12 on Bi-209  N-14 on Bi-209 

Data Table 3

target O-16 incident Ne-20 incident Ar-40 incident
H-1  O-16 on H-1  Ne-20 on H-1  Ar-40 on H-1 
He-4  O-16 on He-4  Ne-20 on He-4  Ar-40 on He-4 
Li-7  O-16 on Li-7  Ne-20 on Li-7  Ar-40 on Li-7 
Be-9  O-16 on Be-9  Ne-20 on Be-9  Ar-40 on Be-9 
B-10  O-16 on B-10  Ne-20 on B-10  Ar-40 on B-10 
B-11  O-16 on B-11  Ne-20 on B-11  Ar-40 on B-11 
C-12  O-16 on C-12  Ne-20 on C-12  Ar-40 on C-12 
C-13  O-16 on C-13  Ne-20 on C-13  Ar-40 on C-13 
N-14  O-16 on N-14  Ne-20 on N-14  Ar-40 on N-14 
N-15  O-16 on N-15  Ne-20 on N-15  Ar-40 on N-15 
O-16  O-16 on O-16  Ne-20 on O-16  Ar-40 on O-16 
O-17  O-16 on O-17  Ne-20 on O-17  Ar-40 on O-17 
O-18  O-16 on O-18  Ne-20 on O-18  Ar-40 on O-18 
F-19  O-16 on F-19  Ne-20 on F-19  Ar-40 on F-19 
Ne-20  O-16 on Ne-20  Ne-20 on Ne-20  Ar-40 on Ne-20 
Na-23  O-16 on Na-23  Ne-20 on Na-23  Ar-40 on Na-23 
Mg-24  O-16 on Mg-24  Ne-20 on Mg-24  Ar-40 on Mg-24 
Mg-25  O-16 on Mg-25  Ne-20 on Mg-25  Ar-40 on Mg-25 
Mg-26  O-16 on Mg-26  Ne-20 on Mg-26  Ar-40 on Mg-26 
Al-27  O-16 on Al-27  Ne-20 on Al-27  Ar-40 on Al-27 
Si-28  O-16 on Si-28  Ne-20 on Si-28  Ar-40 on Si-28 
Si-29  O-16 on Si-29  Ne-20 on Si-29  Ar-40 on Si-29 
Si-30  O-16 on Si-30  Ne-20 on Si-30  Ar-40 on Si-30 
P-31  O-16 on P-31  Ne-20 on P-31  Ar-40 on P-31 
S-32  O-16 on S-32  Ne-20 on S-32  Ar-40 on S-32 
S-34  O-16 on S-34  Ne-20 on S-34  Ar-40 on S-34 
Cl-35  O-16 on Cl-35  Ne-20 on Cl-35  Ar-40 on Cl-35 
Cl-37  O-16 on Cl-37  Ne-20 on Cl-37  Ar-40 on Cl-37 
Ar-40  O-16 on Ar-40  Ne-20 on Ar-40  Ar-40 on Ar-40 
K-39  O-16 on K-39  Ne-20 on K-39  Ar-40 on K-39 
K-41  O-16 on K-41  Ne-20 on K-41  Ar-40 on K-41 
Ca-40  O-16 on Ca-40  Ne-20 on Ca-40  Ar-40 on Ca-40 
Ca-44  O-16 on Ca-44  Ne-20 on Ca-44  Ar-40 on Ca-44 
Sc-45  O-16 on Sc-45  Ne-20 on Sc-45  Ar-40 on Sc-45 
Ti-46  O-16 on Ti-46  Ne-20 on Ti-46  Ar-40 on Ti-46 
Ti-47  O-16 on Ti-47  Ne-20 on Ti-47  Ar-40 on Ti-47 
Ti-48  O-16 on Ti-48  Ne-20 on Ti-48  Ar-40 on Ti-48 
Ti-49  O-16 on Ti-49  Ne-20 on Ti-49  Ar-40 on Ti-49 
Ti-50  O-16 on Ti-50  Ne-20 on Ti-50  Ar-40 on Ti-50 
V-51  O-16 on V-51  Ne-20 on V-51  Ar-40 on V-51 
Cr-50  O-16 on Cr-50  Ne-20 on Cr-50  Ar-40 on Cr-50 
Cr-52  O-16 on Cr-52  Ne-20 on Cr-52  Ar-40 on Cr-52 
Cr-53  O-16 on Cr-53  Ne-20 on Cr-53  Ar-40 on Cr-53 
Cr-54  O-16 on Cr-54  Ne-20 on Cr-54  Ar-40 on Cr-54 
Mn-55  O-16 on Mn-55  Ne-20 on Mn-55  Ar-40 on Mn-55 
Fe-54  O-16 on Fe-54  Ne-20 on Fe-54  Ar-40 on Fe-54 
Fe-56  O-16 on Fe-56  Ne-20 on Fe-56  Ar-40 on Fe-56 
Fe-57  O-16 on Fe-57  Ne-20 on Fe-57  Ar-40 on Fe-57 
Fe-58  O-16 on Fe-58  Ne-20 on Fe-58  Ar-40 on Fe-58 
Co-59  O-16 on Co-59  Ne-20 on Co-59  Ar-40 on Co-59 
Ni-58  O-16 on Ni-58  Ne-20 on Ni-58  Ar-40 on Ni-58 
Ni-60  O-16 on Ni-60  Ne-20 on Ni-60  Ar-40 on Ni-60 
Ni-61  O-16 on Ni-61  Ne-20 on Ni-61  Ar-40 on Ni-61 
Ni-62  O-16 on Ni-62  Ne-20 on Ni-62  Ar-40 on Ni-62 
Ni-64  O-16 on Ni-64  Ne-20 on Ni-64  Ar-40 on Ni-64 
Cu-63  O-16 on Cu-63  Ne-20 on Cu-63  Ar-40 on Cu-63 
Cu-65  O-16 on Cu-65  Ne-20 on Cu-65  Ar-40 on Cu-65 
Zn-64  O-16 on Zn-64  Ne-20 on Zn-64  Ar-40 on Zn-64 
Zn-66  O-16 on Zn-66  Ne-20 on Zn-66  Ar-40 on Zn-66 
Zn-67  O-16 on Zn-67  Ne-20 on Zn-67  Ar-40 on Zn-67 
Zn-68  O-16 on Zn-68  Ne-20 on Zn-68  Ar-40 on Zn-68 
Zn-70  O-16 on Zn-70  Ne-20 on Zn-70  Ar-40 on Zn-70 
Ga-69  O-16 on Ga-69  Ne-20 on Ga-69  Ar-40 on Ga-69 
Ga-71  O-16 on Ga-71  Ne-20 on Ga-71  Ar-40 on Ga-71 
Ge-70  O-16 on Ge-70  Ne-20 on Ge-70  Ar-40 on Ge-70 
Ge-72  O-16 on Ge-72  Ne-20 on Ge-72  Ar-40 on Ge-72 
Ge-73  O-16 on Ge-73  Ne-20 on Ge-73  Ar-40 on Ge-73 
Ge-74  O-16 on Ge-74  Ne-20 on Ge-74  Ar-40 on Ge-74 
Ge-76  O-16 on Ge-76  Ne-20 on Ge-76  Ar-40 on Ge-76 
As-75  O-16 on As-75  Ne-20 on As-75  Ar-40 on As-75 
Se-76  O-16 on Se-76  Ne-20 on Se-76  Ar-40 on Se-76 
Se-77  O-16 on Se-77  Ne-20 on Se-77  Ar-40 on Se-77 
Se-78  O-16 on Se-78  Ne-20 on Se-78  Ar-40 on Se-78 
Se-80  O-16 on Se-80  Ne-20 on Se-80  Ar-40 on Se-80 
Se-82  O-16 on Se-82  Ne-20 on Se-82  Ar-40 on Se-82 
Br-79  O-16 on Br-79  Ne-20 on Br-79  Ar-40 on Br-79 
Br-81  O-16 on Br-81  Ne-20 on Br-81  Ar-40 on Br-81 
Kr-84  O-16 on Kr-84  Ne-20 on Kr-84  Ar-40 on Kr-84 
Zr-90  O-16 on Zr-90  Ne-20 on Zr-90  Ar-40 on Zr-90 
Nb-93  O-16 on Nb-93  Ne-20 on Nb-93  Ar-40 on Nb-93 
Mo-92  O-16 on Mo-92  Ne-20 on Mo-92  Ar-40 on Mo-92 
Mo-94  O-16 on Mo-94  Ne-20 on Mo-94  Ar-40 on Mo-94 
Mo-95  O-16 on Mo-95  Ne-20 on Mo-95  Ar-40 on Mo-95 
Mo-96  O-16 on Mo-96  Ne-20 on Mo-96  Ar-40 on Mo-96 
Mo-97  O-16 on Mo-97  Ne-20 on Mo-97  Ar-40 on Mo-97 
Mo-98  O-16 on Mo-98  Ne-20 on Mo-98  Ar-40 on Mo-98 
Mo-100  O-16 on Mo-100  Ne-20 on Mo-100  Ar-40 on Mo-100 
Pd-104  O-16 on Pd-104  Ne-20 on Pd-104  Ar-40 on Pd-104 
Pd-105  O-16 on Pd-105  Ne-20 on Pd-105  Ar-40 on Pd-105 
Pd-106  O-16 on Pd-106  Ne-20 on Pd-106  Ar-40 on Pd-106 
Pd-108  O-16 on Pd-108  Ne-20 on Pd-108  Ar-40 on Pd-108 
Pd-110  O-16 on Pd-110  Ne-20 on Pd-110  Ar-40 on Pd-110 
Ag-107  O-16 on Ag-107  Ne-20 on Ag-107  Ar-40 on Ag-107 
Ag-109  O-16 on Ag-109  Ne-20 on Ag-109  Ar-40 on Ag-109 
Cd-112  O-16 on Cd-112  Ne-20 on Cd-112  Ar-40 on Cd-112 
Cd-114  O-16 on Cd-114  Ne-20 on Cd-114  Ar-40 on Cd-114 
In-113  O-16 on In-113  Ne-20 on In-113  Ar-40 on In-113 
In-115  O-16 on In-115  Ne-20 on In-115  Ar-40 on In-115 
Sn-112  O-16 on Sn-112  Ne-20 on Sn-112  Ar-40 on Sn-112 
Sn-114  O-16 on Sn-114  Ne-20 on Sn-114  Ar-40 on Sn-114 
Sn-115  O-16 on Sn-115  Ne-20 on Sn-115  Ar-40 on Sn-115 
Sn-116  O-16 on Sn-116  Ne-20 on Sn-116  Ar-40 on Sn-116 
Sn-117  O-16 on Sn-117  Ne-20 on Sn-117  Ar-40 on Sn-117 
Sn-118  O-16 on Sn-118  Ne-20 on Sn-118  Ar-40 on Sn-118 
Sn-119  O-16 on Sn-119  Ne-20 on Sn-119  Ar-40 on Sn-119 
Sn-120  O-16 on Sn-120  Ne-20 on Sn-120  Ar-40 on Sn-120 
Sn-122  O-16 on Sn-122  Ne-20 on Sn-122  Ar-40 on Sn-122 
Sn-124  O-16 on Sn-124  Ne-20 on Sn-124  Ar-40 on Sn-124 
Sb-121  O-16 on Sb-121  Ne-20 on Sb-121  Ar-40 on Sb-121 
Sb-123  O-16 on Sb-123  Ne-20 on Sb-123  Ar-40 on Sb-123 
Te-125  O-16 on Te-125  Ne-20 on Te-125  Ar-40 on Te-125 
Te-126  O-16 on Te-126  Ne-20 on Te-126  Ar-40 on Te-126 
Te-128  O-16 on Te-128  Ne-20 on Te-128  Ar-40 on Te-128 
Te-130  O-16 on Te-130  Ne-20 on Te-130  Ar-40 on Te-130 
I-127  O-16 on I-127  Ne-20 on I-127  Ar-40 on I-127 
Xe-132  O-16 on Xe-132  Ne-20 on Xe-132  Ar-40 on Xe-132 
Cs-133  O-16 on Cs-133  Ne-20 on Cs-133  Ar-40 on Cs-133 
Ba-135  O-16 on Ba-135  Ne-20 on Ba-135  Ar-40 on Ba-135 
Ba-136  O-16 on Ba-136  Ne-20 on Ba-136  Ar-40 on Ba-136 
Ba-137  O-16 on Ba-137  Ne-20 on Ba-137  Ar-40 on Ba-137 
Ba-138  O-16 on Ba-138  Ne-20 on Ba-138  Ar-40 on Ba-138 
Ta-181  O-16 on Ta-181  Ne-20 on Ta-181  Ar-40 on Ta-181 
W-182  O-16 on W-182  Ne-20 on W-182  Ar-40 on W-182 
W-183  O-16 on W-183  Ne-20 on W-183  Ar-40 on W-183 
W-184  O-16 on W-184  Ne-20 on W-184  Ar-40 on W-184 
W-186  O-16 on W-186  Ne-20 on W-186  Ar-40 on W-186 
Pt-194  O-16 on Pt-194  Ne-20 on Pt-194  Ar-40 on Pt-194 
Pt-195  O-16 on Pt-195  Ne-20 on Pt-195  Ar-40 on Pt-195 
Pt-196  O-16 on Pt-196  Ne-20 on Pt-196  Ar-40 on Pt-196 
Au-197  O-16 on Au-197  Ne-20 on Au-197  Ar-40 on Au-197 
Hg-200  O-16 on Hg-200  Ne-20 on Hg-200  Ar-40 on Hg-200 
Hg-202  O-16 on Hg-202  Ne-20 on Hg-202  Ar-40 on Hg-202 
Pb-206  O-16 on Pb-206  Ne-20 on Pb-206  Ar-40 on Pb-206 
Pb-207  O-16 on Pb-207  Ne-20 on Pb-207  Ar-40 on Pb-207 
Pb-208  O-16 on Pb-208  Ne-20 on Pb-208  Ar-40 on Pb-208 
Bi-209  O-16 on Bi-209  Ne-20 on Bi-209  Ar-40 on Bi-209 

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