It was pointed out that there was a big difference in the total and elastic scattering cross sections of Ti-48 between the calculations using the Breit-Wigner formula and the Reich-Moore formula around 20 keV.


K. Shibata made comparisons of the calculations with measured total cross sections of elementa Ti. It was found that the Breit-Wigner formula is NOT appropriate to reproduce the experimental data with the current resonance parameters, and the Reich-Moore formula is much better to use. Therefore, the representation was changed to LRF=3 from LRF=2. Moreover, the AWR value in MF2 was correced, since it had been different from other data sections of the same isotope.

The representaions of the other isotopes remain unchanged from the original JENDL-4.0, since it is not possible to see which representions are better because of few experimental data on each isotope.