MT Reaction 0.0253-eV Maxwellian
g-factor Resonance
14-MeV Fis. Spec.
1 (n,total) 30.63 (b) 33.18 (b) 1.083 687.6 (mb) 3.927 (b)
2 (n,elastic) 30.27 (b) 32.82 (b) 1.084 687.6 (mb) 3.927 (b)
102 (n,γ) 332.6 (mb) 332.8 (mb) 1.001 149.4 (mb) 29.59 (μb) 39.40 (μb)

These cross sections are calculated from JENDL-5 at 300K using with LINEAR, RECENT and SIGMA1 codes of PREPRO. For more detail, please click here.
The background color of each cell noted a cross section means the order of the cross-section value.
The unit of cross section, (b), means barns, and SI prefixes are used as following.
(kb) → 103(b),  (mb) → 10−3(b),  (μb) → 10−6(b),  (nb) → 10−9(b),  (pb) → 10−12(b),  (fb) → 10−15(b)

MT is a number that defines a reaction type. For the relation between MT and reaction type, please see here or refer to the manual of ENDF formats.