Eric Sheldon

Department of Physics and Applied Physics
University of Lowell, Lowell, Massachusetts 01854, U.S.A.

Theoretical analyses are presented of experimental data for elastic fast-neutron scattering to the 0+ ground states of the principal even-A actinides 232Th, 238U, 240,242,244Pu, and to a "composite triad" of closely-adjacent ground-state levels of the odd-A nuclide 235U in the form of "excitation" functions to 3.5 MeV and angular distributions at various incident energies up to 3.4 MeV. The measured data include the latest results and prior findings by the Lowell group. The analyses have been based on the "standard" (CN+DI) formalism, taking account of level-width fluctuations and extra exit-channel competition. These are contrasted with preliminary calculations in the statistical S-matrix (HRTW) formalism and with ENDF/B-V.

KEYWORDS: neutron, elastic scattering, actinide, cross sections, excitation functions, angular distributions, compound nucleus, DWBA direct interactions, HRTW statistical S-matrix