I.M. Frank, V.I. Luschikov and E.I. Sharapov

Laboratory of Neutron Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research,
Dubna, Head Post Office Box 79, 101000 Moscow, USSR

Fast pulsed reactors IBR-2 and IBR-30 are in routine use in the Laboratory of Neutron Physics, JINR, Dubna. Their today characteristics and performances are reported. The IBR-2 in use for condensed matter research is mentioned. Some results of nuclear physics experiments conducted during the recent years at the IBR-30 reactor working with a linear accelerator as an injector are reviewed. The fields of research under discussion are: p-wave neutron resonance spectroscopy and parity nonconservation; differential scattering cross sections and p-wave neutron strength functions; cascade γ-transitions and peculiarities of the nuclear structure; prompt γ-ray yields and characteristics of the U-235 fission induced by resonance neutrons.

KEYWORDS: neutron sources, pulsed reactors, polarized neutrons, parity violation, neutron scattering, strength functions, gamma-ray spectrum, nuclear structure, fission gamma-rays, fission fragments