Harm Gruppelaar

Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN
P.O. Box 1, 1755 ZG Petten, The Netherlands

The European Fusion File (EFF) is a nuclear data file for application in fusion-reactor blanket design calculations, in particular for neutron and photon transport calculations of the Next European Torus (NET). A first version of the file (EFF-1) has been distributed to European laboratories. Work for the second version (EFF-2) and a separate European Activation File (EAF) is in progress. This paper describes the status of the EFF-1 library, its file handling and processing, progress on the EFF-2 evaluations and adopted nuclear-model codes as well as progress on the EAF. The EFF project is part of the European Fusion Technology programme of the European Community. Various European laboratories contribute to this project. There is a strong link with the Joint Evaluated File (JEF) of the NEA Data Bank. Further international cooperation in the framework of the International Thermonuclear Reactor (ITER) project is discussed.

KEYWORDS: Review, Evaluated Nuclear Data Library, Benchmark Calculations, Activation