M. Djebara1, M. Asghar1, J.P. Bocquet2, R. Brissot3, J. Crançon3, Ch. Ristori3, E. Aker3, D. Engelhardt4, B.D. Wilkins5 and U. Quade6

1 I. Ph. USTHB, B.P. 32, El Alia, Alger, Algérie
2 ILL, 156X, 38042 Grenoble, France
3 CEN-DRF/SPH/PhAN, 85X, 38041 Grenoble, France
4 T.U.K., 7500 Karlsruhe, West Germany
5 A.N.L., Argonne, Illinois 60439, USA
6 University of Munich, West Germany

The ILL-Grenoble mass separator Lohengrin was used to measure the yields of light fission products from 249Cf(nth,f) as a function of A, Z, the kinetic energy and the ionic charge states. The mass range covered, for ELoh=87 to 112 MeV, was AL = 89 to 120. The charge polarisation ΔZ(AL) = Z - ZUCD was deduced. The proton and neutron odd-even effects were found to be δp = (4.6 + 0.7)% and δn = (9.5 + 0.7)%. The odd-even effects on mean proton and neutron total kinetic energy are δEk0-e(p) = (0.20 + 0.07) MeV and δEk0-e(n) = (0.48 + 0.16) MeV. The mean value of isobaric variance <σz2> = (0.43 + 0.03). These results and the different distributions are compared with the existing data on the other fissioning nuclei.