Alexander D. Efimenko, Anatoli F. Grashin and Elena A. Kudryavtseva

Moscow Engineering Physics Institute
Moscow 115409, USSR

The ASIND-MEPhI (Automatized System of Information on Nuclear Data in Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) Date-Base, containing independent yields of fission products, has been organized on the basis of a thermodynamical model. The number of yield sets is significantly larger in comparison with the ENDF/B-5, some of the sets being virtual. For example, yields of photofission products are included in the ASIND-MEPhI Data-Base. The use of the theoretical model made it possible to raise accuracy of predictions for poorly explored fission reactions. In total, the accuracy of data from ASIND-MEPhI file is not inferior to that of ENDF/B.

KEYWORDS: independent yield, thermodynamical model, experimental data, calculated value