Robert Peelle

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Box 2008, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 37831-6354, USA

Henri Condé

Department of Neutron Research, Uppsala University
P.O. Box 535, S-751 21 Uppsala, Sweden

The neutron standards are reviewed with emphasis on the evaluation for ENDF/B-VI. Also discussed are the neutron spectrum of 252Cf spontaneous fission, activation cross sections for neutron flux measurement, and standards for neutron energies greater than 20 MeV. Recommendations are made for future work.

KEYWORDS: neutron standards, 6Li(n,t), 10B(n,α), 235U(n,f), 197Au(n,γ), 252Cf sp. fission, H(n,n), 27Al(n,α), 59Co(n,2n), 92mNb