Robin A. Forrest, Michael G. Sowerby, Bryan H. Patrick and David A. J. Endacott

Harwell Laboratory, UKAEA, Oxon., UK

The library UKACT1 contains neutron induced cross-sections for 625 target nuclides in the GAM-II 100-energy group format. The targets include all stable nuclides and radioisotopes with half lives greater than 1 day and Z≤84. First and second isomers are included both as targets and as products of reactions. Approximately 8700 distinct reactions have data.

The inventory code FISPACT is a development of the existing FISPIN code which can read UKACT1 and the decay data library UKDECAY1 (covering 1314 nuclides) and produce output relevant to fusion. This includes the surface gamma-dose rate, bremsstrahlung contributions and biological hazards. In addition, a sensitivity routine enables the most important reactions in the production of specific nuclides to be identified and the errors of amounts of nuclides to be estimated.

Calculations of the arisings of irradiation of Ti and some elements as impurities in iron are given as examples.

KEYWORDS: activation, nuclear data, inventory code, neutron-induced cross-sections, isomers, systematics, titanium