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The library was compiled for evaluation of reactor decay heat from fission product decay in a nuclear reactor. The library contains nuclear decay and fission yield data for 1227 fission product nuclides in which 1078 nuclide are unstable and 149 stable. The decay data include half-life, branching ratio, and beta, gammma and total decay energy released per decay of each unstable nuclide. Theoretical values of the decay energy are adopted for some short-lived nuclides. The data included in the library have shown to reproduce the decay heat of variety of fissiles from 232Th to 241Pu through comparison with the measurements performed at the University of Tokyo, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laborarory.
Details are given in  JAERI 1320  (1990).  [ Abstract, Contents ]

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This is the second version of the JNDC FP nuclear data library (JNDC FP Decay Data File) which contains decay and fission yield data for 1078 unstable and 149 stable FP nuclides, and cross section data for 166 nuclides.
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