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Points of JAEA Chart of the Nuclides 2018

New 4 elements such as Nihonium (Nh) etc., and newly measured isotopes are printed. The number of compiled elements and isotopes reached 118 and 3299, respectively. Theoretical half-lives are included for wide applications to nuclear physics, astrophysics and etc.

Details on JAEA Chart of the Nuclides 2018

1)Newly naming elements Nihonium(Nh), Moscovium(Mc), Tennessine(Ts), Oganesson(Og) are added! 2)The number of experimentally observed isotopes becomes 3299 from 3150 as of 2014 version!
The Asian-first naming element Nihonium (Nh) is newly added
1. Newly measured 149 isotopes are included
2. Neutron-deficient nuclei* of uranium, neptunium, americium etc are added
3. Tetra neutron, which cosists of only 4 neutrons, is added
*Neutron-deficient nucleus: A nucleus having less neutron than normal one

3) Renewal of Periodic Table! 4) Japanese version debut!

1. The first ionization energy of Lr measured at JAEA is added
2. 7th Period is fully completed

5) Other Revisions!
1) Theoretically estimated half-lives are added
2) Modification & Extension of Fission Product Yields are carried out
3) Physical Constants are renewed (referring the revision executed in 5/20/2019)

Questionnaire of JAEA Chart of the Nuclides 2018

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