Level energy(keV)   Spin & Parity       
       ground state      (8-)                  
       1.77000E+01       (5+)                  
       4.04000E+01       (3-)                  
Mass (The Ame2012 atomic mass evaluation (II) by M.Wang, G.Audi, A.H.Wapstra, F.G.Kondev, M.MacCormick, X.Xu, and B.Pfeiffer Chinese Physics C36 p. 1603-2014, December 2012)
     125.907252987 ± 0.000034103 (amu)  [mass excess = -86393.286 ± 31.767 (keV) ]
Beta-decay energy (calculated as M(A,Z)-M(A,Z+1), taken from Ame2012)
     3672.043 ± 31.787 (keV) 
Strong Gamma-rays from Decay of Sb-126 (Compiled from ENSDF as of March 2011)
  [ Intensities before May 23th of 2013 were values when total intensity of the decay mode was 100(%) and a branching ratio of each decay mode was not multiplied. ]
   γ-ray energy(keV)  Intensity(%)  Decay mode 
         17.7           5.E-05         IT 
        414.7            83.27         B- 
        666.5            99.6          B- 
        695.0            99.6          B- 
        414.5            85.67         B- 
        666.1            85.67         B- 
        694.8            82.25         B- 
     *: relative, ~ approximate, ? calculated or estimatted 
     >: greater than or equal to, <: less than or equal to  
  [ Intensities; total intensity of the nuclide is 100(%). ]
Decay data(Chart of the Nuclides 2014)
     Decay mode     Half-life 
       B-           12.35 D 6        
       B-           19.15 M 8        
       IT           19.15 M 8        
Cross Sections (taken from JENDL-4.0)
     Table of cross sections, Sb-126.
     Figures of cross sections, Sb-126:  type-1:  type-2:  type-3.
       type-1: total, elastic and inelastic scattering, capture and fision cross sections
       type-2: same as type-1 but cross sections are averaged in 70 energy group intervals
       type-3: threshold reaction cross sections
Evaluated Data Libraries
     Links to the libraries. 

Parent Nuclides by Reactions in JENDL-4.0
     Sb-125 (Z= 51, A=125), MT=102 (n,γ)
     Sb-126 (Z= 51, A=126), MT=  2 (Elastic scattering)
     Sb-126 (Z= 51, A=126), MT=  4 (Inelastic scattering)
     Te-126 (Z= 52, A=126), MT=103 (n,p)
     Te-127 (Z= 52, A=127), MT= 28 (n,np)
     Te-127 (Z= 52, A=127), MT=104 (n,d)
     Te-128 (Z= 52, A=128), MT=105 (n,t)
     I -129 (Z= 53, A=129), MT=107 (n,α)
     I -130 (Z= 53, A=130), MT= 22 (n,nα)
     Cs-133 (Z= 55, A=133), MT=108 (n,2α)
     Cs-134 (Z= 55, A=134), MT= 29 (n,n2α)
     Cs-135 (Z= 55, A=135), MT= 30 (n,2n2α)

Fission Yields for Fission Products in JENDL-4.0 Fission Yield Data

   - Neutron-induced Fission Yields (from main actinide nuclides) - Independent Fission Yield -
     Product  Nuclide  Energy   Fission Yield  Uncertainty(1σ)
     Sb-126    U-235   Thermal   8.755060e-06   5.603240e-06 
     Sb-126    U-235   Fast      7.831770e-07   5.012340e-07 
     Sb-126    U-235   High      9.044700e-04   5.788610e-04 
     Sb-126    U-238   Fast      6.774600e-08   4.335750e-08 
     Sb-126    U-238   High      5.748240e-05   2.586700e-05 
     Sb-126   Pu-239   Thermal   1.373970e-05   8.793400e-06 
     Sb-126   Pu-239   Fast      1.423410e-05   9.109830e-06 
     Sb-126   Pu-239   High      3.132500e-03   2.004800e-03 
     Sb-126   Pu-241   Thermal   8.681600e-07   5.556230e-07 
     Sb-126   Pu-241   Fast      5.475260e-06   3.504170e-06 
     Sb-126m   U-235   Thermal   2.348860e-05   1.100850e-05 
     Sb-126m   U-235   Fast      1.638820e-06   7.824530e-07 
     Sb-126m   U-235   High      1.020100e-03   4.864670e-04 
     Sb-126m   U-238   Fast      1.418320e-07   6.770370e-08 
     Sb-126m   U-238   High      6.080650e-05   2.985140e-05 
     Sb-126m  Pu-239   Thermal   3.509280e-05   1.674000e-05 
     Sb-126m  Pu-239   Fast      2.979880e-05   1.422480e-05 
     Sb-126m  Pu-239   High      3.527810e-03   1.683330e-03 
     Sb-126m  Pu-241   Thermal   2.218340e-06   1.058020e-06 
     Sb-126m  Pu-241   Fast      1.146200e-05   5.471580e-06 
    Thermal=0.0253eV, Fast=500keV(Fast reactor spectrum), High=14MeV
   - Neutron-induced Fission Yields (from main actinide nuclides) - Cumulative Fission Yield -
     Product  Nuclide  Energy   Fission Yield  Uncertainty(1σ)
     Sb-126    U-235   Thermal   9.019370e-05   1.436980e-05 
     Sb-126    U-235   Fast      1.368330e-04   1.510080e-05 
     Sb-126    U-235   High      3.432570e-03   2.752660e-04 
     Sb-126    U-238   Fast      7.561200e-05   6.064730e-06 
     Sb-126    U-238   High      1.906380e-03   3.045760e-04 
     Sb-126   Pu-239   Thermal   2.965300e-04   2.365070e-05 
     Sb-126   Pu-239   Fast      3.869440e-04   3.088190e-05 
     Sb-126   Pu-239   High      6.383850e-03   2.802180e-03 
     Sb-126   Pu-241   Thermal   1.158690e-04   2.665290e-05 
     Sb-126   Pu-241   Fast      3.183730e-04   3.500660e-05 
     Sb-126m   U-235   Thermal   5.817040e-04   4.690910e-05 
     Sb-126m   U-235   Fast      9.717840e-04   1.073260e-04 
     Sb-126m   U-235   High      1.805780e-02   1.082700e-03 
     Sb-126m   U-238   Fast      5.396020e-04   4.328830e-05 
     Sb-126m   U-238   High      1.320640e-02   2.113910e-03 
     Sb-126m  Pu-239   Thermal   2.019930e-03   1.616990e-04 
     Sb-126m  Pu-239   Fast      2.662210e-03   2.130820e-04 
     Sb-126m  Pu-239   High      2.322390e-02   3.714690e-03 
     Sb-126m  Pu-241   Thermal   8.214330e-04   1.891180e-04 
     Sb-126m  Pu-241   Fast      2.234980e-03   2.461790e-04 
    Thermal=0.0253eV, Fast=500keV(Fast reactor spectrum), High=14MeV
      → Neutron-induced and Spontaneous Fission Yields of all nuclides in JENDL-4.0 Fission Yield Data