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Fission product yield sublibrary

The fission product yield sublibrary provides the evaluated nuclear data on neutron-induced and spontaneous fission yields for 31 and 10 nuclides, respectively. The data were compiled with the decay data sublibrary to keep the consistency between the number of nuclides contained in the decay data sublibrary and fission product yield sublibrary.
ENDF-6 format
Dec. 2021: First release (archive file).

Feb. 2022: Sublibrary and library version numbers were incorrect. The projectile mass for Am-242m was also incorrect. Fixed in update 2 (upd-2) on Feb. 16.

[Download] (updated in Feb. 2022)
Individual Nuclide Files
Compressed Archive File for All Nuclides (tar.gz)
[Covariance data of independent fission product yields]
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Compressed Archive File for All Nuclides (tar.gz)

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