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The thermal scattering law sublibrary contains the evaluated nuclear data on thermal neutron scattering law (TSL) for 62 elements (37 materials). The data for 16 materials (light water, heavy water, liquid benzene, solid benzene, liquid ethanol, solid ethanol, liquid methane, solid methane, liquid mesitylene, solid mesitylene, liquid meta-xylene, solid meta-xylene, liquid toluene, solid toluene, liquid triphenylmethane, and solid triphenylmethane) have been evaluated. The data for 17 materials (aluminum, beryllium, beryllium oxide, crystalline graphite, reactor grade graphite with porosity concentration of 10%, reactor grade graphite with porosity concentration of 30%, iron, light water ice, lucite, polyethylene, silicon carbide, silicon dioxide in alpha phase, silicon dioxide in beta phase, uranium dioxide, uranium mononitride, yttrium hydride, and zirconium hydride) have been taken from ENDF/B-VIII.0. The data for 4 materials (liquid ortho-hydrogen, liquid para-hydrogen, liquid ortho-deuterium, and liquid para-deuterium) have been taken from JEFF-3.3.
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