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     The users are requested to cite the No.1 of the papers given below for referencing JENDL-3.2.

Summary of JENDL-3.2

Purpose To provide a Japanese standard library for fast breeder reactors, thermal reactors, fusion neutronics and shielding calculations
Number of nuclides
Incident neutron energy range 10-5 eV to 20 MeV
Format ENDF-6 Format. The data files in ENDF/B-V format are also available.
Pointwise files prepared at 0K and 300K with RECENT and SIGMA1

Details of JENDL-3.2
A PDF File (3.4 Mbytes) is available, which contains comment parts of all nuclides. In order to read this file, AcrobatR Reader is needed.
CD-ROM of all data and cross section graphs of JENDL-3.2 is available.
Downloading JENDL-3.2
Graphs, Tables and Useful Data Files made from JENDL-3.2
Problems found in JENDL-3.2
Problems found so far are listed in the following file.
Updated Data of JENDL-3.2
Updated data of JENDL-3.2 are stored in JENDL Update File.
References of JENDL-3.2
  1. Tsuneo NAKAGAWA, Keiichi SHIBATA, Satoshi CHIBA, Tokio FUKAHORI, Yutaka NAKAJIMA, Yasuyuki KIKUCHI, Toshihiko KAWANO, Yukinori KANDA, Takaaki OHSAWA, Hiroyuki MATSUNOBU, Masayoshi KAWAI, Atsushi ZUKERAN, Takashi WATANABE, Sin-iti IGARASI, Kazuaki KOSAKO and Tetsuo ASAMI: "Japanese evaluated nuclear data library, version 3 revision-2; JENDL-3.2," J. Nucl. Sci. Technol. 32, 1259 (1995).
  2. (Eds.) Keiichi SHIBATA, Tsuneo NAKAGAWA, Hidemitsu SUGANO and Hiromitsu Kawasaki: "Curves and tables of neutron cross sections in JENDL-3.2," JAERI-Data/Code 97-003 (1997).
  3. (Eds.) K. Shibata and Tsutomu NARITA: "Descriptive data of JENDL-3.2 (Part I and II)," JAERI-Data/Code 98-006, Part I, Part II (1998).

Nuclear Data Center, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)
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