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JENDL-4.0 Updated Files

JENDL-4.0 Plus Files

The files for updated and newly evaluated nuclides after the release of JENDL-4.0 are available here. They are classified into "JENDL-4.0 Updated" and "JENDL-4.0 Plus" files, respectively. The JENDL-4.0 updated files (JENDL-4.0u) are for the nuclides whose nuclear data partly revised from important and/or trivial error(s). The JENDL-4.0 plus files (JENDL-4.0+) contain newly evaluated data and fully revised ones which have been remained in JENDL-4.0 such as being carried over or minimum revision from JENDL-3.3.
Explanation of items and symbols used in the list is described on the bottom of this page.

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Data file
[ URLs of summary pages to cite updated files ]
Ver. _20160106: (URL)
Ver. _20150914: (URL)
Ver. _20150122: (URL)
Ver. _20130813: (URL)
Ver. _20130710: (URL)
Ver. _20121115: (URL)
Ver. _20120914: (URL)
[ Explanation of column description ]
No.: Sequential number on the list, not identifying the data file.
Version: Version number with category of “JENDL-4.0u” or “JENDL-4.0+”.
Nuclide: Nuclide name with element symbol, mass number and meta state symbol.
Sublib.: Symbol stands for sublibrary type as following.
(no symbol) JENDL-4.0 neutron reaction sublibrary
 “NF” JENDL-4.0 fission yield sublibrary (neutron-induced)
 “SF” JENDL-4.0 fission yield sublibrary (spontaneous)
 “PA” JENDL-4.0 photo-atomic sublibrary
 “EA” JENDL-4.0 electro-atomic sublibrary
Mainly revised part: Short note about mainly revised part of the data file.
Date: Distribution date of the date file.
Data file:  “DOWNLOAD” button to download the data file.
/ : Button to sort the list in ascending/descending order of the column header.
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Filter selection :Showing the list with JENDL-4.0u or JENDL-4.0+ only, or both of them is available.
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