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 Evaluated Nuclear Reaction Data 
  1. JENDL (Japanese Evaluated Nuclear Data Libraries, JAPAN)
    JENDL HomePage [English], [Japanese] (JAEA/NDC)
    JENDL, and others [Retrieval Tool of Evaluated Data] (JAEA/NDC)
    Download from other sites [JENDL on Internet]
  2. ENDF/B (Evaluated Nuclear Data File version B, USA)
    Cross Section Evaluation Working Group (CSEWG) (BNL/NNDC)
    Evaluated Nuclear Data File (ENDF) (BNL/NNDC)
    ENDF Data (LANL/T2)
  3. JEF (Joint Evaluated File) and JEFF (Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion file, NEA Data Bank)
    JEFF and EFF projects (OECD/NEA Data Bank)
    JANIS - ENDF search [JEFF, and others] (OECD/NEA Data Bank)
    JEFF-3.2 evaluated data library - Neutron data (OECD/NEA Data Bank)
    JEFF-3.1.2 - Neutron Data (OECD/NEA Data Bank)
    JEFF-3.1.1 evaluated data library (OECD/NEA Data Bank)
    JEFF-3.1 evaluated data library (OECD/NEA Data Bank)
    JEFF-3.0 evaluated data library (OECD/NEA Data Bank)
    JEF-2.2 evaluated data library (OECD/NEA Data Bank)
    JEFF-3.1 Incident-Neutron Data (T2/LANL)
    JEFF-3.0 Incident-Neutron Data (T2/LANL)
  4. Other libraries
    BRONDBROND-2.2 (CJD), Russian Nuclear Data (LANL/T2)
    RUSsian File Of evaluated Neutron DataRUSFOND (IPPE)
    FENDLFusion Evaluated Nuclear Data Library FENDL 3.0 (IAEA/NDS)
    Minsk Actinide Lib.:  Maslov's Evaluations (IAEA/NDS)
    Standard cross sectionsNeutron Cross-Sextion Standards, 2006 (IAEA/NDS)
  5. Thermal scattering data
    ENDF/B-VII Thermal Data (LANL/T2)
    ENDF/B-VI Thermal Data (LANL/T2)
    JANIS - ENDF search [JEFF, and others] (OECD/NEA Data Bank)
  6. General information on evaluated data libraries
    ENDF-6 Formats Manual (Rev.2) (December 2011, BNL/NNDC)
    An Introduction to the ENDF Formats (LANL/T2)
    Citation Guidelines (BNL/NNDC)
    Nuclear Data Files and Their References (JAEA/NDC)
    Evaluated Nuclear Data Library Descriptions (OECD/NEA Data Bank)
  7. Thermal Cross Sections, Resonance Integrals, etc.
    Tables of Nuclear Data (JAEA/NDC)
    NuDat 2.6 (BNL/NNDC)
    Thermal Neutron Capture γ's (CapGam) by Tuli (BNL/NNDC)
    INDC(NDS)-440:  Thermal Neutron Capture Cross Sections, Resonance Integrals and G-Factors, Mughabghab (2003) [pdf]
  8. Others
    Photonuclear data:
    IAEA Photonuclear Data Library (IAEA/NDS)
    Charged-particle reaction data:
    Charged-particle cross section database for medical radioisotope production (IAEA/NDS)
    Nuclear Data for Charged Particle Activation (CPA) compiled by Karel Strijckmans
    Neutron source reactions:
    DROSG-2000: Neutron Source Reactions by M. Drosg (IAEA/NDS)
    Various information:

 Experimental Data 
  1. EXFOR
    JANIS - EXFOR search (OECD/NEA Data Bank)
    Experimental Nuclear Reaction Data (EXFOR) (BNL/NNDC)
    Experimental Nuclear Reaction Data (EXFOR) (IAEA/NDS)
    EXFOR / ENDF - Search (JCPRG)
    EXFOR Formats Manual [PDF] (IAEA/NDS), IAEA-NDS-207 Rev.2011/01
    EXFOR Formats Description for Users (EXFOR Basics) [PDF] (IAEA/NDS), IAEA-NDS-206
    EXFOR Basics: A short guide to EXFOR by V.McLane (BNL/NNDC), BNL-NCS-63380-2001/05-Rev.
    Nuclear Data Services - EXFOR Basics Manual [HTML] (OECD/NEA Data Bank)
    EXFOR Basics: A Short Guide to EXFOR [HTML] (MUS/INP)
    EXFOR Formats Description for Users (EXFOR Basics) (IAEA/NDS)
  2. Others
    NRDF - Search (JCPRG)

 Graphs of Nuclear Data 

  1. CINDA (Index to literature and computer files on microscopic neutron data)
    JANIS - CINDA search (OECD/NEA Data Bank)
    Computer Index of Nuclear Reaction Data (CINDA) (BNL/NNDC)
    Computer Index of Nuclear Reaction Data (CINDA) (IAEA/NDS)
    Abbreviations used in CINDA:
    References:  (OECD/NEA Data Bank)
    List of Journal codes
    List of Report codes
    List of Book and Conference codes
    List of Laboratory codes
    Bibliographic information (CINDA format manual) (OECD/NEA DataBank)
  2. NSR (Nuclear Science References)
    Nuclear Science References (NSR) (BNL/NNDC)
    NSR Search engine (MSU/INP)
  3. Other databases
    Photo nuclear reaction:  PNI Search Engine (MSU/INP)
  4. Reports from INDC and OECD/NEA
    Nuclear science and Data Bank documents (OECD/NEA Data Bank)
    Documents from INDC series (IAEA/NDS)
  5. Data citation
    Citation Guidelines (BNL/NNDC)
    Nuclear Data Files and Their References (JAEA/NDC)

 Nuclear Properties 
  1. Level Scheme
    ENSDF (Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File):
    Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF) Retrieval (BNL/NNDC)
    WWW Table of Nuclear Structure (LBNL)
    Exploring the Table of Isotopes (Berkeley Laboratory Isotopes Project's)
    Nuclear Decay Data in the MIRD Format (Medical Internal Radiation Dose) Format Medical Internal Radiation Dose (MIRD) format (BNL/NNDC, USA)
    RadWare (ORNL, USA)
  2. Reaction Q-values
    Qtool (LANL/T16)
    Q-value calculator (Lund Univ.)
    Calculator for Nuclear Reaction Threshold and Energy Values (MSU/INP)
  3. Nuclear Mass
    AMDC (Atomic Mass Data Center on IAEA/NDS)
    Nuclear Masses and Calculated Properties (LANL/T16)
  4. Chart of the Nuclides
    JAEA version (JAEA/NDC)
    KAERI version (KAERI/NDEL)
    NuDat (BNL/NNDC)
    Live Chart of the Nuclides (IAEA/NDS)
  5. Others
    Nuclear Wallet Card (BNL/NNDC)
    NuDat (BNL/NNDC)
    NuBase (Lund Nuclear Data Service)

 Theoretical Calculation 
  1. Theoretical calculation codes
    Model codes [ABAREX, EMPIRE-II, PRECO-2000] (NNDC)
    Nuclear Model Codes [Many] (OECD/NEA)
  2. Reference Input Parameter Libraries (RIPL)

 International Collaboration 
  1. NRDC (International Network on Nuclear Reaction Data Center, IAEA/NDS)
  2. WPEC (Working Party on International Evaluation Co-operation, OECD/NEA)
  3. CRP (Coordinated Research Project, IAEA/NDS)

  1. Requests to Nuclear Data
    HPRL (High Priority Request List, NEA Data Bank)
    HPRL from Japan

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