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Neutron sublibrary (pointwise data at 300K)

The pointwise data files provide the energy-dependent cross sections of neutron-induced nuclear reactions at 300K, which were reconstructed from the resolved resonance parameters of the neutron sublibrary.
ENDF-6 format

Feb. 2022: The file of Br-77 was corrupted. Fixed on Feb. 2.

Jan. 2023: The inelastic scattering cross sections of MF10 for isomeric targets were inconsistent with those of MF3. Fixed in update 10 (upd-10).

Jan. 2023: Production cross section of non-existent isomeric state in Ti-48 was given. Fixed in update 11 (upd-11).

Aug. 2023: The data in MF8 were inconsistent with those in the other MF. Fixed in update 12 (upd-12).

[Download] (updated in Feb. 2022)
Individual Nuclide Files
Compressed Archive File for All Nuclides (tar.gz)

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