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Neutron sublibrary (activation cross sections)

The activation data files provide the activation cross sections of neutron-induced nuclear reactions. The maximum incident energy is 20 MeV. The data consist of the production cross sections (MF3) of radioactive and stable nuclides and partial production cross sections (MF10) for the ground and isomer states of nuclides. The pointwise data were reconstructed from the resolved resonance parameters of the neutron sublibrary, and were made at temperatures of 293.6 K.
ENDF-6 format

Dec. 2021: First release.

Jan. 2023: The inelastic scattering cross sections of MF10 for isomeric targets were inconsistent with those of MF3. Fixed in update 10 (upd-10).

Jan. 2023: Production cross section of non-existent isomeric state in Ti-48 was given. Fixed in update 11 (upd-11).

Aug. 2023: The data in MF8 were inconsistent with those in the other MF. Fixed in update 12 (upd-12).

Individual Nuclide Files
Compressed Archive File for All Nuclides (tar.gz)

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